10 Breast Cancer Myths Busted

breast cancer myths

There are some facts that people tend to believe about breast cancer that has no scientific basis. In fact, it has been proved that they are nothing more than myths that’s why thanks to science. These busted myths include:-

1. It is only the women whose family history has breast cancer at risk.
You would be surprised to know that over half of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer do not have any risk factors for the disease which is identifiable.

The truth is that if you have a first-degree relative that has suffered from the disease then your chances of getting the disease doubles. If you have two relatives in the same case, then the chances are even higher.

2. Putting on an underwire bra increases the chances of getting breast cancer.
This has been proved as unscientific since there is nothing to show that the bra compresses the lymphatic system of the breast.

This is assumed to cause the accumulation of toxins which cause breast cancer. This is therefore just another myth that people tend to believe.

3. Most of the breast lumps are cancerous.
This is a misconception that most people have but is not true. You should know that almost 75% of the lumps in women’s breasts are caused by cysts, benign and other conditions.

You should visit a doctor for any lump so that they get to determine whether or not it is cancerous. This is because when it is detected earlier, then it is easier to deal with it.

4. Breast implants raise the risks of cancer.
This is a misconception that is popular among most people mainly because the mammograms do not work as well on women with implants compared to those without. People tend to see this as a sign that the cancerous cells are forming, but that is not the case.

All that has to be done is an additional X-ray so that the breast tissue is fully examined. You should, therefore, stay assured that the implants do not increase your chances of breast cancer.

breast implants

5. All women have a 1-8 chance of getting the disease.
What you have to know is that they risk increases with age. It is estimated that older women are at a higher danger of getting the disease as compared to younger women. For instance, at 85 years a woman’s chance of getting the disease is 1 in every eight women whereas, at 30 years, the risk is one woman in every 233.

6. Antiperspirant increases the chances of getting breast cancer.
This is mostly considered to be a rumor since science has not been able to prove the connection between breast cancer and the antiperspirants.

Although a study found traces of Parabens in some sample of breast cancer tumors, there is no connection between this preservative and the disease. It is used as a preservative in the antiperspirants.

7. Women with small breasts have fewer chances of getting the disease.
The experts have not been able to provide any connection between the size of the breasts and the risks of getting the disease. The only difference is that the large breasts are harder to examine as compared to the smaller ones, but this does not mean that they are at less risk.

breast size

This, therefore, means that all women whether with the same or different breast size should visit a doctor for routine screenings.

8. Only a lump shows signs of breast cancer.
This is a misconception that has cost several people since people only think that they need to have a lump to go for the screening. You have to stay on the high alert for any other kind of changes. Such changes include swelling, nipple pain and swelling among many other symptoms.

All these are signs of breast cancer, therefore, the sooner you notice then, the better. But a mammogram is the best way to determine whether or not you have the disease.

9. One cannot get breast cancer after having a mastectomy.
You should know that a mastectomy is a good way of controlling the disease, but it is not 100% breast cancer-proof. Some women have still got the disease after a mastectomy.

For instance, women who have a higher risk of getting the disease might have their breasts removed, but this does not guarantee that they cannot get the disease. It is a great way of reducing the chances of getting the disease, though.

10. Caffeine is a cause of breast cancer.
This is a misconception. Research has been able to prove that caffeine lowers the risk of women getting breast cancer. Science has been unable to prove any connection between drinking caffeine and contracting the disease.

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