Do You Have a Migraine? – 10 Indications That You Might

Migraine is an inherited tendency to have headaches with sensory disturbance. It’s an instability in the way the brain deals with incoming sensory information, and that instability can become influenced by physiological changes like sleep, exercise, and hunger.


Some certain factors help you determining whether you are having a migraine. As long as you can identify the factors, you will be able to take care of the problem early. These indicators include:​


Experiencing an Aura

Some people experience the atmosphere whenever they have the migraines. This involved seeing flickering lights, lines or spots among many others. The duration that the aura lasts varies from one person to another.

Experiencing an Aura

In some people, it takes five minutes while in some people it takes an hour. This usually the stage before you start getting the headache pains.


Changing Moods

The change in moods can include depression, excitement or irritability among many others. This usually takes effect, and you might not understand why you have the feeling. Some researchers have been able to report a genetic link between migraines and depressions.


It is presented that when the depression becomes severe, then there are higher chances of the migraines becoming chronic.


Inadequate Sound Sleep

If you find yourself in a situation whereby you wake up tired or usually have problems with insomnia, you may be likely to get migraines. Research has been able to prove a connection between lack of sleep and the intensity with which people experience the migraines.


The migraines are known to strike; people have insomnia and this if not checked can be the beginning of a vicious cycle. This is, therefore, something that you can use to determine whether you have a migraine.


Having Watery Eyes and a Stuffy Nose

Some people have sinus symptoms which include droopy eyelids, clear nasal drainage, tearing and clear nasal drainage among many others.


Recent studies show that a majority of the people who complain about having sinuses also happen to have migraines. This, therefore, makes it qualify as one of the indicators.



This is one of the most common signs that most people usually experience. Before a migraine attack, people usually have cravings for specific foods. The foods differ from one person to the other but among the most popular ones include chocolate.



Pain on Either One or Both Sides of the Head

This is one of the classic indicators that most people use to determine a whether they are having a migraine or not. Here the pain is usually felt on one side of the head and is usually persistent.


This is something that has been proved by researchers and is a reliable indicator. Most people who have a migraine confess to having this experience.


Experiencing Eye Pains

Given the fact that a migraine usually burrows right behind the eye, it is very normal to have pains behind the eye. Most people often think that the pain is as a result of straining and often get their eyes checked.


This is a proved indicator that people can rely on when determining whether or not they might have a migraine.


Pains in the Neck

This is mostly experienced with a headache and is usually the early stages of a migraine. It can also come after a migraine depending on the people in question. You should know that people are different therefore not all people get this feeling at the beginning of a migraine.


It is usually felt at the back of the neck and is usually a throbbing pain. Most people who have migraines also confirm having the neck pains during the headaches.


Urinating Frequently

This is one indicator that you should always look out for. Urinating more than usual then this might be a sign that you will soon have a migraine. It usually considered more of a warning sign. The time that a migraine is likely to occur will, however, differ from some people.


This is so since it might take two hours to some people while it might go as far as two days before the headaches start for others.


Yawning a Lot

This is another thing that people can use to tell that they are likely to have a migraine shortly. This might be excessive and occurs repeatedly. Research revealed that most people who have suffered from migraines also experienced the severe yawns.

Yawning a Lot
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