Why Do Men Go Bald?

Baldness occurs anytime from children to adults and the reasons why people suffer baldness vary in a lot of ways. Some reasons have been given as to why baldness can be caused and they are:


Age is one of the factors that may often cause baldness and should not be such a worry. As people age, they tend to lose more and more hair from their heads which are the reason as to why baldness is prevalent in old age.

Hormonal imbalance is yet another major factor that may cause baldness, both in men and women. For instance, the high level of testosterone in the female body can result in such disorders and can thus adversely affect her hair growth and health. This high testosterone levels can cause partial or total loss of hair.​

Baldness can also be hereditary; one may suffer baldness since their grandfathers and fathers did suffer baldness. This can make them live with the pain that they can never be cured and thus make them feel so hopeless.

Some remedies can be offered to protect against such chances and thus it should not be their real cause of concern.


Some medication procedures are also responsible for causing baldness. Radiation and chemotherapy in most instances cause hair loss which in extreme cases can result to baldness.

This is because the growing hairs are exposed to radiation during the active phase which makes it easier for hair loss to occur. Stress and other traumatic experiences can also cause a great amount of hair loss.

This is because the body releases a certain chemical when under stress that may cause thinning of the hair and in severe degrees cause baldness of the hair. It is thus necessary for one to know how to cope with stress to reduce the chances of the hair loss.

Thyroid disease can be another cause for hair loss, and a lot of factors are thus necessary to understand how this disease can be a threat to the health of one's hair.

This is because both extremes of thyroid levels in the body can make it very easy for hair loss to occur and therefore needs a lot of caution. Patients suffering from thyroid infections are likely to experience cases of hair loss as compared to those who do not.​


Baldness can also result in as a consequence of the type of hair treatment options one adapts and therefore a lot of experience is needed when choosing the correct hair products.

Some oils can adversely affect the health of the hair as they make the scalp weak thus making it very easy for the hair to fall off.

It's very possibly to experience hair loss in instances where one uses the wrong choice of styling the hair as it may go great lengths in damaging the hair. Some people use hot materials to style their wet hair which weakens the scalp and may in severe cases result to baldness.​

Choosing the correct hair treatment options is one way one can easily prevent the instances of baldness as hair health depends on a lot of the care given to the hair and the ways used to prevent or reduce the instances of hair damage.


Talking to hair specialists is a great way of starting your way to healthy hair care as they give advice on how best you can take care of yourself.​

Lastly, one should understand that baldness is a common disorder that affects all ages and gender, and therefore care should be taken on both sides to prevent cases of ignorance.

Final Words

It is also necessary to know the right hair care tips to help avoid causes of hair loss and ultimately baldness in extreme cases.

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