10 Signs That You Might Be HIV Positive

HIV is a viral that affects the human immune system. Infected persons can live with the virus for many years without signs showing or even becoming ill. During such periods the virus remains in the body and slowly destroys the immune system.


Everyone’s immunity is different, and so signs occur either during the earlier or later stages of the disease. In the early stages of infection, the most common symptoms are never seen but it as also depends on the infected individuals’ immunity.​ 

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Some of the signs of infection are:-



This so far is one of the first signs of infection. The fever is likely accompanied by mild symptoms such as fatigue and sore throat. The virus is slowly making its way into the bloodstream when this fever is irresponsive to medication then one is likely to have HIV.




With the immune system already being weakened by this virus, the person becomes tired most times. This reduces their working ability, and they find difficulty to keep up with their normal routines. Mainly experienced during earlier and later stages of infection.




As the body reacts to the viral infection developing, sore throat is an early indication of HIV. Headaches most certainly accompany it. Thrush in the mouth may cause a sore throat, and this is mainly because the body has not developed antibodies that can fight this virus.

Throat pain


Body Pain

Just like experiencing fever during the acute stages of being HIV infected having body aches is one of the early signs. This body pain is caused by the swollen lymph nodes which in turn affect the muscles and joints of the body causing inflammation.


Many of the lymph nodes are located in the armpits, groin, and neck. Some of the HIV medications can lead to this pain on the body.



Coughing may be a symptom in the early stages when the body reacts to the virus. A dry, persistent cough that continues even after taking antibiotics and other cough syrups should not be taken lightly.


If this cough goes on for weeks, then it is a sign of infection. A cough leads to the development of other serious diseases such as pneumonia.


Weight Loss

Drastic loss of weight when the infection progresses is another sign of HIV. Weight loss is seen because of other infections such as diarrhea and severe vomiting. When a patient feels well, and there is no improvement in their weight, then this immune system is clearly depleting.


This is commonly referred to as AIDS wasting this is when a person loses 10% of their body weight in a 30 days period.


Yeast Infection

As the virus develops further in the body the immune system is destroyed. With this failing immunity, yeast is another sign of infection. Yeast infections are very common, and they only affect women. The common cause of this infection is a fungus called Candida.

This affects the body differently such as vaginal discharge, intestinal infections, and others. In later stages, it causes thrush in the mouth, and this makes swallowing difficult.


Skin Rash

It is also a symptom especially when allergy ointments have not worked to treat them. Most of these rashes develop in moist areas of the body including the face and genital areas. Skin rash is a very common symptom of infection and seen in many cases of such patients.



Night Sweats

Occurs mostly as the HIV infection develops in the body and flu-like symptoms appear this is night sweats. Even when there is good temperature, most of the infected persons experience ranging body temperatures that can be too hot or too cold. It is seen on later stages of infection.

night sweats


Cold Sores

Anyone can suffer from herpes but when an infected person is involved they suffer from recurrent herpes outbreaks. Cold sores also be a sign of HIV infection that is caused by a virus known as Herpes Simplex.

Cold Sores

It is a risk for contracting HIV for all those who are not infected. Proper treatment should be taken immediately.

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