10 Simple Ways to Remove Skin Tags and Moles Without Surgery

Enter your text here...Skin tags can be an embarrassment for a lady as they lower your self-esteem. Dealing with recurring skin tags can be quite difficult, and many women have often opted for surgery which is quite expensive.


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There are many ways of going about the removal of moles and skin tags without involving any surgery and they include the following;-


Bandaging the Skin Tag

One easy way of doing away with skin tags is tying a bandage around the affected area. This will cut off the flow of bold to that particular area; making the loose skin within that place fall off automatically. A thread or a dental floss can also work in the same way as a bandage.


Although this is a less painful mechanism, it can come along with varied inconveniences.


Use of Castor Oil and Baking Powder

These are readily available ingredients in the kitchen yet very essential in fighting skin tags and moles. Make an appropriate mixture of these two to form a homogenous paste. Apply the resultant product on the affected area for about two weeks and you will realize amazing changes.


Although this method is a bit messy and might keep you indoors for quite some time, it involves no pain at all.


Application of Derma Trend

This is a product that has been tested to International standards and found to be very useful in dealing with moles.

Application of Derma Trend

It is very effective as using it for about three days might guarantee you your normal skin back. However, you should discontinue its usage if irritation crops in.


Physical Removal of the Tag

This might be a bit painful hence it requires someone with guts and should always come as the last option. You can cut them off using the surgical blade or even toenail clippers. However, this version will not only inflict considerable pain on you but also leave behind some scars.

Physical Removal of The Tag

It, therefore, requires someone who is completely fed up with these skin complications. You should also take caution of the cutting material by ensuring that it is sterilized to avoid further complications.


Use of Apple Cider Vinegar

This is another method that is less painful but very effective. To the affected loose skin, apply this for a minimum period of three weeks to attain satisfactory results.


This is a gradual process and may take a considerable time before changes are evident. It requires someone with great patience.



This is a common petroleum product that is very effective in dealing with skin tags and moles. Simply spread this jelly around the loose skin at least twice a day. 


This will suffocate the skin tag which will eventually fall off after a very short period; even one week for some!


Freezing Mode

This is an easy way. Apply liquid nitrogen to the affected area. Liquid nitrogen can easily be found in shops or authorized pharmacies. It might take a relatively longer time compared to the other methods listed here, but they will eventually fall off after some weeks.


Use of Vitamin E capsules

This is yet another way of dealing with moles without any surgery. Open the capsule and slowly pour its contents onto the skin tag. After that, cover the affected area using a bandage or any piece of clothing that is clean enough.


This method takes a short time as the vitamin E aids in the healing process after the falling off of the loose skin. The bandage can then be removed after several days.


Application of Tea Tree Oil

Before application of the oil, wash the affected area with clean water and soap. After that, apply about three drops of tree oil on this field as you rub it gently.


Conducting this procedure thrice a day will see the skin tag darken and eventually fall off after some days.


Use of Garlic

Garlic has some anti-fungal properties that are essential in dealing with skin tags. Simply cover the affected area with garlic every night before you retire to bed and remove them after waking up.

Garlic bulbs

This is a very effective procedure that might only require a maximum of three days before you regain your normal smooth skin.

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