Want a Perfect Smile? − Avoid These 10 Things

Everyone wants to have an attractive smile. A warm, beautiful smile represents you to the people you meet even if they happen to be total strangers. Besides just appealing you to other people, a beautiful smile increases your self-esteem.


It can also improve your mood since you will tend to smile more often when you have an attractive smile. Some of us who are blessed with beautiful natural smiles but most of us were not so lucky and had, naturally, unintentionally or even intentionally, ended up with smiles that are not so great.​

A smile is made up of 3 main components, the lips, the teeth, and the facial expression. A great smile is achieved when you combine great lips, perfect teeth, and a cheerful facial expression. Any damage or distortion of even a single one of these three elements could effectively ruin your smile.​

Therefore the list of the top 10 things that could ruin your smile below is made up of the problems that can affect any or all of the three elements above. They include the following:​


Tooth Discoloration

This refers to the permanent staining of the teeth, a condition in which the teeth take on a different hue and no longer appear white.

Many individual factors could cause teeth discoloration, and the most common of them include smoking, chewing tobacco, having unsanitary foods or drinks and poor oral hygiene.


Whatever the reason for the discoloration, the fact remains that you cannot have a great smile when your teeth are discolored. The most common hues taken by discolored teeth are yellow and brown.


Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is similar to tooth discoloration and, in most cases, comes along with the staining of the teeth. The effect of tooth decay on the smile is therefore very similar to that of tooth discoloration as described above.



Loss of Teeth

Picture someone smiling through gaps in his or her front teeth. Sounds pretty ugly and quite funny if you ask me. Yes, that is exactly how your smile will end up looking when you lose your teeth and fail to replace them.

Loss of Teeth

The loss may be due to decay, trauma, old age or any of some reasons but, either way, you will have to replace the missing teeth or say goodbye to your great smile.


Misaligned Teeth

For the perfect smile, not only do your teeth have to be bright white, they have to be properly aligned in the right order. If any tooth appears to be out of place, corrective measures must be taken to put it back in place if only for the sake of your great smile.



Oversized Teeth

Sometimes, some teeth may grow too fast or too much and appear bigger or longer than the rest. Such problems do not do your smile any good, and if they are very pronounced, they may end up ruining the smile.


Fortunately, many corrective measures can help you deal effectively with this problem.


Gum Disease

Some gum diseases may result in the swelling of the gums such that the whole mouth ends up looking swollen. The effects of this on your smile are obvious enough and something you do not want to have to contend with.



Trauma on the Lips

Physical trauma can cause your lips to swell, break or both. Either scenario will end up damaging your smile.



Overgrown Jaws

You probably know at least one person whose jaws appear to be much larger than they should be. Overgrown jaws are a common problem, and their net effect is to stretch the lips and give you an awkward smile. Several cosmetic surgery procedures are specifically meant to deal with this issue.



Swollen Cheeks

Many different reasons can cause swollen cheeks, but the net effect of the swelling is an awkward smile that is never very attractive.



Damages to Other Parts of the Face

Physical injury to the nose, eyes, and other parts of the face and facial muscles could interfere with the alignment of the face and end up destroying your beautiful smile.


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