How to Go Through Your Periods Painlessly? − 10 Tips to Follow

Menstrual cramps are one of the greatest pains a lady ever goes through and if it happens that you are the lucky ones who experience the little or very insignificant pain, for others it is never a good experience.


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The most painful and unfortunate part is that it comes every month and therefore an effective way of reducing it is necessary to help cope up with the pain.

The cramps can sometimes get so severe that they make you end up missing school, work or some of your fun activities as you just lie on the bed doing nothing specific but feeling miserable and wishing you could just cut off your uterus if it would help reduce the pain.

Tips to Go Through Your Periods Painlessly


Taking ibuprofen is very much effective and always the best remedy for pain relief. When you know that your period is due, take some just before you drop in for the night so that you don’t wake up feeling miserable and in great agony.



Carry ibuprofen with you at all times and sometimes in the middle of intense cramping, it’s okay to take three pills instead of the usual two though it’s necessary to check out with your doctor.

Carry ibuprofen


Using of hot water bottles may seem very old-fashioned, but they go a great way in ensuring you get a lot of relief. They help in making you warm and also relaxing your muscles in the lower abdomen and month after month, can contribute to reducing your pain.



Exercise also comes in when it is time to get rid of the period pains. This can be the last thing one may want during their menstrual period, but it offers a great remedy when it comes to relieving period pains.


Exercising throughout the month is one of the ways one can get to have a much less painful period as, during the exercise, there is increased blood flow and a higher rate of the release of endorphins which helps the body fight pain.


This is because caffeine constricts the blood levels and raises tension; this is the opposite of what you may want when suffering from cramps.

Avoid the use of caffeine

Drinking water and using herbal tea will help by also relieving bloating that may occur during the period. Therefore, eliminating caffeine could go a long way in alleviating your pain.


Immersing yourself in hot water helps the body in relieving all the muscular tension including the menstrual cramps. This can also help you relax you mentally which is also good for your peace of mind.


A lot of times this intense or chronic pains may stress us out and makes us more tense which eventually worsens the pain.


Make sure also that your intake of vitamins is also sufficient through smart choices of food and supplements when needed. Vitamin B helps with the bloating issues while vitamin C and zinc are essential to every woman’s health and reproductive system.

Make sure also that your intake of vitamins


Consult your doctor when all the remedies you have tried out don’t work out as planned. Sometimes bad cramps may be a symptom of something else which your doctor will need to know about and recommend a treatment for the same.



Birth control pills help in regulating your hormones; this means they can help in almost all kinds of symptoms including period pain. This is the reason why many girls who are even not yet sexually active go for them month after month to help them through this.



A daily dose of some chocolate during your period can help out with the period pains. Dark chocolate helps soothe the spirits and gives one a good feeling which enables them to go through their menstrual cramps with a lot of ease than the otherwise painful times.

A daily dose of some chocolate
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