10 Effective Tips to Prevent Hair Breakage Naturally

Hair breakage is something that most people hate but at one point in life experience. The good news is that there are some tips that you can use so that you reduce your chances of having hair breakage.


All you have to do is follow the instructions, and you should be safe from this terrible experience.


Do Not Wash Your Hair Regularly

You should reduce the number of times that you wash your hair to about 2-3 times in a week. This is because after people wash their hair, it becomes dry after some time and rough. When it is in this form, it is very easy for the hair to break.


When you wash the hair regularly, the scalp increases the rate of sebum production hence making the hair oilier. Most people assume that when this happens, they need to wash the hair again when that is not the case.


Watch the Hair Products That You Use

It is recommended that people use sulfate free shampoos. This is because this is an ingredient that causes extreme drying of the scalp hence making the hair easier to break. When the moisture in the hair is released as a result of this ingredient, it becomes rough hence the flexibility is also reduced.


When you brush your hair, you are most likely to experience hair breakage. It is, therefore, crucial that you look for the shampoo that will be free of this ingredient so that you enjoy the benefits that come with using it.


Regularly Use a Conditioner

You should keep the ends of your hair smooth so that you reduce the chances of hair breakage. The best way to guarantee this is by the use of a conditioner. It is recommended that you apply a conditioner after using shampoo to the ends.


It also plays the role of keeping the hair soft which is the desired fact by most people.You should avoid letting the conditioner get contact with your scalp so that you make the hair strong enough to resist breakage.


Air Drying the Hair

Most people usually use blow dryers so that they remove water from the air, but this comes with a variety of setbacks. For instance, they release heat that is dry hence evaporating the hairs hydration.


This makes the hair rough hence more prone to breaking. Using air as a drying option on the other hand only removes the excess water hence leaving the hair hydrated.


Do Not Use Any Heating Appliance

As a result of the negative impacts, these appliances have on your hair. The effects are usually not noticed until later on when they have been used for a considerable amount of time.

Hair Dryer

As much as you might get those with minimal side-effects you will still experience hair breakage as long as you rely on the same.


Avoid Perms

One thing that you have to avoid is perming your hair. This involves using chemicals so that you get curls, but these same chemicals have an adverse impact on hair. They break the hair protein bonds hence making it easier to break.

Avoid Perms


Ensure That You Trim Your Hair Regularly

One thing that you stand to benefit from by trimming hair is keeping split ends away. When this split hair grows the hair becomes more sensitive hence making it easier to break. Regular trimming, therefore, keeps the splits away hence reducing the chances of hair breaking.

Do Not Comb Hair When It Is Wet


Do Not Comb Hair When It Is Wet

When the hair is wet, the hydrogen bonds are usually broken hence making it easier to break. It is through this that most people experience severe hair loss. You, therefore, have to avoid this at all costs and also keep off the habit of creating tangles when the hair is wet.

Do Not Comb Hair When It Is Wet


Avoid Coloring the Hair

The chemicals that people use so that they color their hair usually contain either ammonia or peroxide which breaks the protein bonds in the hair. This makes the hair brittle hence easier to break. It is, therefore, important that you keep off such products when trying to reduce hair breakage.



Use Coconut Oil to Massage the Hair

This has been sued for thousands of year by Indians and comes with several benefits. Apply it to the scalp and massage so that you keep the hair smooth and soft. When the hair is in this form, it is hard to break.

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