11 Ways to Fight Allergies and Asthma

Allergens are everywhere, and it is important for people with allergic reactions to be conversant with what they are allergic to and learn the facts of preventing asthma symptoms. The bodies of people who are allergic have an immune system that is usually vigilant.


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Just like the weather, asthma is unpredictable and changes often. Doctors have been able to fight allergies and asthma by:


Airway Openers (Bronchodilators)

Beta-agonists, anticholinergics, and theophylline are three types of bronchodilators and are available in tablet, liquid, injectable forms, or can be inhaled. They relieve acute asthma symptoms or attacks very quickly by opening the airway.


When you use bronchodilators for a long period, it means that the asthma is uncontrolled.


Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists

These are drugs that can treat asthma as they inhibit an inflammation chemical found in the immune system. They come in a pill form, but they usually have some side effects like mild intermittent asthma.



Asthma Nebulizer

Through a nebulizer, medication changes to a mist so that it can be inhaled into the lungs. Small children, infants, and oldest asthma patients have an advantage when it comes to the nebulizers.


They can be used at home because they are bigger in size as they are plugged into an electric outlet while the portable nebulizer can be carried in purses as they come in small sizes. A prescription is needed when you want to obtain a nebulizer.



They block the immune system chemical histamine, a key in allergic reactions. Antihistamines are combined with inhaled corticosteroids or Singulair and can reduce inflammation in the nose and lungs. Can be obtained over the counter, they are cheap, and they rather work fast in your body.


Asthma Inhalers

You are required to breathe in quickly and deeply so that the powder in the inhaler does not escape through the mouth. These inhalers can not be used at the time of an asthma attack because you can not catch a breath of air at this time.

Asthma Inhalers


Medications for Asthma

Are used to stop coughing and wheezing before an asthma attack. They play a key role in gaining good control of your condition. The medicine reduces mucus production in the airways, swelling, and inflammation.

Medications for Asthma


Keeping an Asthma Diary

The diary helps one to monitor their asthma symptoms. Recording of each symptom will make you know the level of your expiatory flow and track how you use your medication.


As a result of this, you can be able to monitor and manage your health even before you seek the doctor`s advice.


Use of a Peak Flows Meter

It helps you manage your asthma symptoms. This is an inexpensive, portable, handheld device that is used to measure how well air moves out of your lungs. It works when you inhale air fully and exhale forcefully, and the measure is called peak expiatory flow.



Steroid Nasal Sprays

It decreases inflammation within the nasal passages which relieve nasal symptoms. They include Nasonex, Nasarel, and Flonase among others.


It is inhaled through the nose. The side effects are a sore throat and nose bleeding. This is because these kind of steroid nasal sprays are very strong.


Allergy Shots

Are helpful in mild-to-moderate allergic asthma occurrences. A shot containing the allergen is introduced into your body by a syringe then your body becomes desensitized to the substance, and it can take up to 5 years.

Allergy Shots



Relieves congestion shrinks swollen blood vessels and tissues in the nose. Come as nasal sprays, pills, nasal drops and liquids. A decongestant makes your airway free from congestion.


Decongestants are available with no prescription from the doctor but can also be classified as an over-the-counter medicine. They are a short-term solution and should not be used for more than 3 days.

Final Words

It has been noted, from above, that most of the allergy or asthma drugs should be taken for a specific duration of time because if you overuse, it severe side effects occur and they affect your health even more.

You should seek the doctors’ advice before starting any medication and if symptoms persist then seek medical assistance. If something irritates, you avoid it.

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