12 Major Reasons Behind Women’s Hair Loss

Hair is a precious part of a woman. It is good to keep one’s hair as it is a symbol of beauty as well as improving the appearance of a person. Hair also serves the important purpose of protection of the scalp from different conditions such as cold and warmth.


12 Reasons Behind Women’s Hair Loss

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Major Causes Behind Hair Loss


Hereditary Hair Loss

This is the hereditary hair loss that comes about because of the inheritance of bad genes from either the father’s side or the mother’s side. This condition is known as androgenetic alopecia.


The probability of having this type of gene is increased if both your parents have it. It is noticeable by the thinning of the hairline behind the bangs. The application of Rogaine can slow it.


Telogen Effluvium

This is a condition whereby there is hair loss after the occurrence of major surgery, drastic weight loss or extreme stress whereby one loses a large amount of hair, noticeably when they brush or shampoo their hairs.


It can also occur after the ingestion of various types of medications such as the antidepressants and the beta blockers.



This disease comes about due to the deficiency in the thyroid glands. It occurs when the thyroid glands are not able to produce the required amount of the thyroid hormone responsible for many metabolic processes such as heart ratehair growth, and mood.


Lack of this hormone leads to the loss of hair as it will be underutilized. A symptom of this is that the hair and nails of an individual may become brittle and ease in the breakage of hair. It can be averted by a proper diagnosis of the blood to determine the thyroids levels.



It is a medical condition in which the immune system of the body attacks the healthy tissues in the body. This is a common occurrence in women who still undergo their childbearing period. There is a lot of hair loss experienced at this stage coupled with other feelings such as fatigue.



Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This is a condition which affects women from eleven years and above. It comes about when there is a hormonal imbalance in the ovaries. The hormonal imbalance is caused by an excess production of male hormones in the ovaries as compared to the female hormones.


The effect of this is an increase in hair in parts of the body but a decrease in the hair on the scalp. It is important to conduct a test and view your levels of the testosterone hormone.


Iron Deficiency Anemia

It is a condition whereby there is a drastic decrease in the red blood cells of an individual. This is because of the deficiency of iron which assists in the accumulation of red blood cells and the transport of oxygen in the body. It causes pale skin and the loss of hair due to skin weakness.



Skin Conditions of the Scalp

The skin condition of the scalp determines the strength and the conditions of the hair. There are various fungal infections which may cause the inflammation of the skin and inhibit the existence of hair. Such is dandruff.



Physical or Mental Shock

Shock can be a major cause to the diversion of the normal functioning of the body. It is, therefore, responsible for hair loss.



Hormonal Factors

The difference in hormonal factors leads to the cause of hair loss in females. Hormonal changes in the body such as childbirth and pregnancy can be a contributor to hair loss in women. This hair loss may be temporary and goes away once the hormonal balance in the body has been restored.



Skin Disorders

Other than the scalp infections, such as dandruff, other skin disorders are also able to cause hair loss in women. Some infections can cause scarring of the skin and the consequent loss of hair in the affected areas.



Hair Pulling Disorder

This is a medical disorder that creates an uncontrollable urge in women to tug and pulls their hair. The hair loss is as a direct result of the pulling and tugging.



Certain Hairstyles

Certain hairstyles exert a lot of pressure on the hair, and the hair roots become weakened and loosened thereby resulting in loss of hair.

Certain hairstyles
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