13 Simple Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is a feeling in the tooth which causes sharp and electric pain in the teeth when we pass cold stuff into our mouth. It is majorly caused by the wearing out of the enamel. Enamel is the upper and outer part of the tooth. It protects the nerves of the teeth.


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So when the enamel is worn out, the nerves are left exposed and thus making the teeth very sensitive to cold or hot substances or a sudden exertion of pressure on the tooth. A few homemade or medical remedies for sensitive teeth:


Use desensitizing toothpaste when brushing. Desensitizing kinds of toothpaste are specially designed to help reduce and cure tooth sensitivity. They have special fluoride content that makes them an ideal remedy for tooth sensitivity.


People who suffer from tooth sensitivity should replace the regular toothpaste with the desensitizing toothpaste.


Use brushes with soft bristles. Hard bristles will wear out the enamel during brushing. They also irritate the gums which later expose the roots of the teeth to tooth sensitivity.

toothpaste 2

Soft-bristled brushes are recommended as they are gentle on the gums and cause no enamel corrosion keeping you very safe from tooth sensitivity.


Oral hygiene is important in curing tooth sensitivity. It is recommended worldwide that we should brush twice a day with the proper toothbrush and toothpaste. This is preferably in the morning and the evening before going to bed. This will help us cure and avoid any tooth related complications.



Fluoride rinse is a major remedy to sensitive teeth. Fluorine is essential in the development of strong teeth, especially the enamel. Good fluoride rinses off the whole mouth which eliminate any dental bacteria. It develops enamel for very strong teeth.


Switch from the regular mouthwash to the fluoride mouthwashes which are far more advantageous than the normal mouthwashes.


Another good remedy to tooth sensitivity is to avoid acidic and sugary foods. Acidic food and drinks such tomatoes and citrus fruits and drinks have acidic content which corrodes the enamel leaving the nerve endings exposed thus resulting in tooth sensitivity.


Sugary foods help the formation of plaque in the teeth damages the enamel and gums which eventually leaves the nerve endings exposed.


We should take a lot of care of our food temperatures. Avoid extremely hot or cold substances which will expose more teeth related problems apart from sensitivity.

cold substances


Home remedies may not be very effective if not followed to the latter. It is therefore also recommended that you visit a professional dentist or doctor to assess your teeth situation. This will help you rule out any other dental related worries you might be having.



Covering exposed root surfaces is also another remedy to tooth sensitivity. Exposed tooth parts can be covered using teeth fillers to ensure the nerves are completely covered up.


This will also prevent the nerves from coming into contact with the substance taken into the mouth thus providing a lasting solution to tooth sensitivity.


Another remedy is the root canal. This refers to the process where the roots of the tooth which are left exposed by the gums are properly covered. This will cure tooth sensitivity by keeping the nerves properly covered up.


This will also prevent the nerves from coming into contact with the substance taken into the mouth thus providing a lasting solution to tooth sensitivity.


Overnight spot treatment which involves covering the affected tooth with toothpaste overnight is also an effective remedy that will cure tooth sensitivity after e few weeks.


This will also prevent the nerves from coming into contact with the substance taken into the mouth thus providing a lasting solution to tooth sensitivity.


Regular flossing is also another remedy. It helps to get rid of any dental floss and plaque building up on the teeth. This helps to avoid tooth sensitivity before it starts affecting you.

dental floss and plaque


Using a tooth night guard is also a proven remedy to tooth sensitivity. The night guard will help to prevent grinding of the teeth and keep the teeth from direct contact with saliva. Saliva provides a moist environment which is conducive for bacterial activities on the teeth.

dental floss and plaques

This leads to the formation of floss and teeth cavities which pave the way for teeth sensitivity.


Chewing gum may seem trivial but is another good remedy to sensitive teeth. It helps to get rid of some dental floss and other remains that are not reachable by brushing.

dental floss

Care should, however, be taken not to chew sugary chewing gum or to chew very rapidly and hard as this will cause you, even more, harm.

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