13 Tips On How You Can Give Up Smoking

Stop Smoking

Giving up smoking can be a major challenge to pursue. Therefore, to successfully quit, one must be able to cope with all the negative effects in the body that accompany it. The following are the basic steps to consider to completely overcoming smoking:-

1. Have a positive mindset.
This is the basic step that is considered in the quitting of smoking. To quit smoking, one must be able to have consciously and confidently decided that s/he wants to quit smoking cigarettes.

positive mindset

It is not possible for one to be able to quit completely smoking if they have no intentions to do so and have only succumbed to pressure from their friends and relatives. Therefore a deep and genuine conviction from your heart is the first step to quitting smoking.

2. Inform friends and relatives of the decision to quit smoking.
It may be seen that there is no advantage of the informing of friends and relatives on the stand to quit smoking. However, this step is very basic in how the friends will view your idea. It also plays a major role in the encouragement of the individual by the surroundings.

decision to quit smoking

3. Get rid of cigarette lighters and ash trays.
Getting rid of the cigarette lighters and ash trays contributes to a large extent of the quitting. This is because once you see the cigarette lighters or the ashtrays; you may feel the addiction coming back and may end up lighting a cigarette to smoke. This move also portrays your genuine intentions to quit smoking.

4. Develop a positive mindset.
To successfully undergo the quitting program, one will be plagued with various problems that will end up discouraging them, and they might be tempted to go back to their smoking habits. Therefore one should always be positive of the program as this will assist in them getting rid of the habit and pass through the turbulence of life

6. Setting a date to quit smoking.
Many individuals would prefer to quit smoking cigarettes through reducing the consumptions of the cigarettes that they take in a day. This is also a good move; however, it is advised that one sets a date that they are going to stop the cigarette completely.quit smoking

The disadvantage of reducing the consumption gradually is that it leads to higher nicotine intake as the whole cigarette will be smoked down to its last.

7. Mark out the days on the calendar that you have not smoked.
The key importance of this step is the motivation of the individual. Looking at the marked days will give you strength to complete the whole period band quits smoking.

8. Attend clinics for quitting smoking.
Some clinics are attended by individuals who have decided to quit smoking. This will play a major phase in the counseling of the person.

9. Using drugs, that discourage smoking.
Different drugs are used to induce effects such as sickness in the body when there is the consumption of cigarettes. This will help in the abstinence of cigarettes as one will avoid the feeling sick effect.

discourage smoking

10. Establish a reason to quit.
One needs to establish a personal reason to be able to quit. Knowing that it is harmful to your health is not sufficient to promote it.

11. Nicotine replacement programs.
At times it becomes hard for an individual to be able to overcome the nicotine addiction completely. Consider nicotine replacement gums and behavioral monitoring to overcome the addiction. The cigarettes and gums are not to be taken together.

12. Prescription pills.
Some pills help to alleviate the withdrawal effects of nicotine.

13. Attend groups of people who are quitting.
Attendance to groups of people sharing their experiences will keep one moving.

group of people

14. Stress management.
Stress is responsible for the smoking in individuals. Therefore we need to manage our stress to avoid it triggering alcohol.

15. Avoid smoking triggers.
Alcohol is one of the smoking triggers. It is, therefore, advisable to keep off them.

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