How to Take Care of Your Eye? – 14 Tips

Eyes are one of the few sensitive parts of the body, and they require maximum care and protection. Here are some of the ways that you can apply to protect and look after your eyes:



Know Your Eyes

You cannot be able to care for your eyes if you don't know the type of eyes you have. Some people have very sensitive eyes that react with the slightest of things while others are said to have strong eyes.

Know Your Eyes


Protect Your Eyes from Too Much Light

When you expose your eyes to too much light, the pupil closes up as much as possible making you unable to see much. It is possible that the pupil muscles can lose their ability to relax just like any other muscle if contracted for too long.



Moisten Your Eyes Regularly

Blinking clears the eyes using a thin layer of tear which removes the dust particles from the eyes. Dust can lead to some serious eye bacterial infections. There are also artificial tears developed for the removal of dust particles and moistening of the eyes.

Moisten Your Eyes Regularly


Do Not Shave Your Eyelid and Eyebrows

The work of eyebrows and eyelids is to protect your eyes so. Shaving them exposes your eyes to dust and other types of bacterial infections.

Do Not Shave Your Eyelid And Eyebrows


Eat Vitamins

Vitamin A is the best when it comes to improving your eye sights. Eat enough of this and other vitamins to ensure that your eyesight is all good.



See a Doctor

Consult with an eye specialist to get sure that your eye is ok. This can be done regularly on the basis of your convenience.



Use Lenses Only When whe Doctor Says

The eyes are very sensitive, and the wrong spectacles can damage your eyesight. Wearing a lens that has not been tested and approved by the doctor is highly detrimental to your eyes.



Practice Eye Hygiene

Itching your eyes is not a bad thing to do but at the same time, you should keep in mind that your hand is clean before you touch your eyes or else you risk transferring bacterial infection to your eyes and the aftermath might be very bad.



Clean Your Eyes

This is done using medicated droppers that can be applied on the eyes to remove the dust particles from it. Tears are also effective for this, but they are not considered to be as effective.

Clean Your Eyes


Exercise Your Eyes

You can try and play around with your eyes by rolling them around. You can also play around with your eyesight by trying to read signs that are very far away. This increases the ability of your eyes to focus on objects faster.



Wear Eye Protective Gear When Necessary

The eye is very soft and can be picked by the softest of materials so long as they are moving at high speed. When you are working in such places with tiny flying objects, you should make sure that you eye is protected.

Wear Eye Protective Gear When Necessary


Do Not Strain Your Eyes

Staring your eyes can be very painful even though you might not be able to feel the effect of the moment you are straining them. The results of straining your eyes are eye pains or even headaches which are not good at all.



Rest Your Eyes

Sleeping is a natural process to give some rest of our eye. But we should not go to work if our eyes refuse to work further.

Rest Your Eyes


Avoid Chemicals from Interacting with Your Eyes

Chemicals exist in very forms. You should never, in any case, let your eyes interact with chemicals at any cost. 


The short term of chemical effects to the eye can be itchiness, but long term effects can be serious and lead to blindness or surgery in some cases.

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