How to Get Shiny and Voluminous Hair Naturally?

Thick, shiny, and well-kept hair is not only making a woman look more feminine but also shows a level of concern and responsibility for being trendy. Achieving all these has often driven many ladies into practicing certain harmful techniques which have not only been unsuccessful but produced reverse effects.


Instead, you should opt for natural ways which produce real-time results and are far much simpler as seen below.


Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair is something that all of us do, but some people do it the wrong way. Washing your hair should be done using the right hair product and not just any kind of soap. Always use cold water to wash your hair.


When washing your hair, you should try as much as possible to use warm water that is free from chlorine, especially if your hair is bleached or dyed because chlorinated water has the effect of fading dye and turning bleached hair gray.


Don't Using Shampoo Regularly

Most people usually feel that using shampoo does their hair good, but the truth of the matter is that it depends on the goal that you want to achieve.


When you use too much shampoo will strip the essential oils that the hair requires to get that shiny look. This will make it dry and not so appealing to the eye.


Avoid Too Much Lather

Just like shampoo the lather that most people form on the hair while bathing has its consequences. It removes the oils that are produced by the hair hence making it hard and brittle.


Being shiny requires that these oils reflect on the hair, and so it will not be possible to achieve the same.


Always Use a Conditioner Before Shampoo

Being able to maintain the required hydration of hair is necessary if you intend on making your hair shiny. After applying the conditioner, all you do is shampoo the hair and then rinse with cold water.


The hair will suck in the moisture from the conditioner hence giving it that shiny looks that you want so badly.


Brush Your Hair Regularly 

Just after waking up, consistent brushing of the hair in the morning is an essential step in achieving a shiny and voluminous hair. Hair brushing is responsible for general distribution of the natural hair oils from the hair roots to tips.


Moreover, it also facilitates smoothening of the hair strands that normally flattens during the night.


Avoid Heating Your Hair

Most people prefer blow drying or styling their hair using the heating equipment. Although to some extent, this can be effective, it stresses up your hair. Considering its demerits, if you want to continue, please don’t do it regularly.


When you highlight your hair, the probability of its breaking is very high, and this will naturally spoil your hair and make the texture hard.


Use Mild Hair Products

There are different types of hair products that one can use. Some are concentrated while others are not. Most people look at these concentrated hair products as more effective, but most of them damage your hair and can easily spoil your hair texture.


What most people don’t know is that the mild hair products are just as effective and better yet, safe for the hair. To those who know go to the extent of diluting these hair products so that they become even safer for the hair.


Trim Your Hair Regularly

This is a common tip that most people use so that they make their hair shinier. By trimming your hair, you remove the dead ends hence making it grow longer. With this growth, more oil is produced hence making it shinier.



Avoid too Much Sun and Harsh Chemicals

The sun will reduce the hydration content of your hair hence affect the results. You have to ensure that you avoid getting in contact with the sun especially when it is too hot.


One thing that you have to know is that hair will shine only when it is healthy therefore anything that you that affects this will prevent the shining. Chemicals like the chlorine that is used in swimming pools can affect your hair, therefore, it important that you limit direct contact with the same.


Take a Balanced Diet

Another thing that you have to ensure is that the foods you take give your body all the requirements. Through this your hair will get the nutrients is to produce oils that make the hair softer and shinier.



Drink a Lot of Water

This is rather simple since all you have to drink a lot of water. It is recommended that the minimum people should take is eight glasses of water.



Visit Your Hair Stylist Regularly

The key to maintaining a good hair texture is by keeping your hair healthy, and your hair stylist plays the greatest part here. Regular visits to your hairstylist will take care of minor hair damaged before they get any worse.

Your hair stylist should also be able to pick for you the right hair products for you to use so that your hair remains in good condition. Hair damages are the cause of bad hair texture, and this is normally brought about by miss treating your hair and exposing it to unfavorable conditions.

Visit Your Hair Stylist

Such condition in most cases causes your hair to become hard and brittle leading to your hair breaking or locking up, and this automatically gives your hair that unpleasant look. You should know that hair is that part of your body that requires special care for it to be healthy.

Some Effective Natural Hair Treatments


Vinegar Rinse

As opposed to giving your hair the normal wash of water, try rinsing off your hair using apple cider vinegar. Simply compose a mixture of half cupful apple cider vinegar and distilled water.

Occasional Vinegar Rinse

Shake the mixture for a few mutes and then apply it on the scalp coupled with numerous massage of the areas where it is applied.


The Avocado Air Masks Therapy

This is a simple technique of obtaining shiny hair and enhancing the overall hair growth. All you need is an avocado with a considerable amount of distilled water. Smash the avocado to get a paste which is then applied on the damp hair as you gently massage the areas of application.


Leave for an average of twenty minutes before rinsing it off with pure distilled water. This technique is not only ideal for shiny, and bouncy appearance of the hair but also improve the general hair texture; making it soft and appealing.


Lemon Aid Hair Treatment

This is a hair maintenance routine that aims at enhancing the rapid growth of the natural hair and its bouncy appearance. All you require is one large lemon well mixed with a conditioner. Apply it on the hair and leave for about five minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off with warm water.


Carrying out this hair maintenance practice also assist in the elimination of residual chemical build up which might hinder rapid hair growth and thereby providing ideal conditions for the healthy development of voluminous hair.

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