15 Tips for Great Shiny Hair

Most people usually want to make their hair shiny but are not certain on what they are supposed to do. This is rather simple as long as you know the tips to use so that you reach your goal. To make your hair shinier:



Avoid Using Shampoo Regularly

Most people usually feel that using shampoo does their hair good, but the truth of the matter is that it depends on the goal that you want to achieve. When you use too much shampoo will strip the essential oils that the hair requires to get that shiny look. This will make it dry and not so appealing to the eye.

Avoid Using Shampoo Regularly

Avoid Too Much Lather

Just like shampoo the lather that most people form on the hair while bathing has its consequences. It removes the oils that are produced by the hair hence making it hard and brittle. Being shiny requires that these oils reflect on the hair, and so it will not be possible to achieve the same.

hair lather

Always Use a Conditioner Before Shampoo

Being able to maintain the required hydration of hair is necessary if you intend on making your hair shiny. After applying the conditioner, all you do is shampoo the hair and then rinse with cold water.

Always Use a Conditioner Before Shampoo

The hair will suck in the moisture from the conditioner hence giving it that shiny looks that you want so badly.


Avoid Heat Protection Products

Most people tend to assume that they do themselves better by blow drying their hair, but that is not the case. This will produce a dry heat that will reduce the hydration of people’s hair.

Avoid Heat Protection Products

This will also reduce the oil in the hair hence reducing the chances of making it shine. You have to note that even when using these products you should use them in lower quantities so that the damage is minimal.


Always Wash with Cool Water

This is crucial because cold water cannot remove oils from the hair but warm water can. You can use this after using a shampoo or even conditioning.

Hair Care

Using a Shine Product

This is important since it will give you the chance to finish with a good look. After washing the hair and it has dried up you can use just so that you get that shiny look that you want so bad.

Using a Shine Product

Switching to a Silicon Flat Iron

This type is known for its many benefits. Among these is the fact that it makes the hair look shinier while straightening it at the same time. For most people, this is a deal of a lifetime.

silicon flat iron

Go and Get a Glossing Treatment

This is the best method that people can use so that they get their shine on. The best time to do this is after a hair coloring treatment.

Glossing Treatment

The main reason why people do this is so that they get a hair color that has more depth.


Drinking a Lot of Water

This is rather simple since all you have to drink a lot of water. It is recommended that the minimum people should take is eight glasses of water.

Drinking a Lot of Water

Keep Away from Harsh Chemicals

One thing that you have to know is that hair will shine only when it is healthy therefore anything that you that affects this will prevent the shining. Chemicals like the chlorine that is used in swimming pools can affect your hair, therefore, it important that you limit direct contact with the same.

factory pollution

Use a Hair Serum

These are designed to ensure that people make their hair shiny, and they are readily available. This means that anybody can find one very easily.

Use a Hair Serum

They moisturize the hair using their light concentration of oils. What you have to know with these is that you start from the bottom of the hair while extending upwards.


Take a Balanced Diet

Another thing that you have to ensure is that the foods you take give your body all the requirements. Through this your hair will get the nutrients is to produce oils that make the hair softer and shinier.

balance diet

Avoid Too Much Contact with The Sun

The sun will reduce the hydration content of your hair hence affect the results. You have to ensure that you avoid getting in contact with the sun especially when it is too hot.

Avoid Too Much Contact with The Sun

Trim Your Hair Regularly

This is a common tip that most people use so that they make their hair shinier. By trimming your hair, you remove the dead ends hence making it grow longer. With this growth, more oil is produced hence making it shinier.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Brushing Your Hair

This is known to bring the oils from the roots to the tip of the hair hence making it shinier. You, however, have to avoid doing this when the hair is wet since it will result in hair breakage.

Brushing Your Hair
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