15 Tips to Maintain Proper Heart Functions

In a human body, the heart is one of the most important organs. It helps in the pumping blood throughout the body, this, in turn, helps in the functioning of the whole body. As the heart is very delicate, proper care should be taken to ensure continuous pumping and proper functioning.


Heart problems have become one of the leading health issues in the contemporary world, and a lot of people suffer as a result of this. This is why it’s important that people are taught the right way to prepare their meals and which kinds of food are healthy and not harmful to their health.

So those who want to have a longer life and fewer heart ailments, they should follow some tips:

15 Tips On Maintaining Proper Heart Functions

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Tips to Maintain a Healthy Heart


Regular Exercise

People who do not exercise often are susceptible to many health complications. Trying to fit in at least half an hour daily in your schedule to do any form of exercise be it swimming, bike riding, climbing stairs, rope jumping or even walking is advisable and a way to have a healthy and fit heart.


Regular exercise helps to loose weight and raise levels of protective cholesterol.


Moderate Drinking

Studies show that people who drink too much alcohol it increases your blood pressure and your calories. Calories are very dangerous to our health. Since red wines contain antioxidants that help reduce heart disease risks drinking moderately is advised.



Going to The Doctor for Regular Check-ups

Regular checkups for physical tests including blood pressure, weight checks and cholesterol levels is a way to be sure of your heart's condition. You are given advice and if at all you are found with any complications medication is administered.



Eat a Low-fat Diet

Eating food that contains too much fat especially junk food is quite unhealthy and this raises the levels of cholesterol. To have a healthy heart, a diet that has low fats is highly recommended.


Removing skin from poultry before cooking and also choosing lean cut meat is a way to reduce the intake of these unhealthy fats. That is why using cholesterol free cooking oils for everyday cooking helps to reduce heart ailments.


Avoid Smoking

Cigarettes are a danger to smokers because not only do they cause cancer but also contain different chemicals in tobacco that damage the heart.


Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen supply in the body this in turn causes blood vessels to constrict. Quitting smoking is very healthy to the heart.


Avoid Stress

How people handle stress affects the heart directly, or it could result in heart ailments such as blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Stress can lead to poor feeding habits and excessive drinking which are very unhealthy to the heart.



Eat Chocolates

Increasing your intake of dark chocolates does not just taste good; it also contains flavonoids which help to prevent heart diseases.



Reduce Salt Intake

Salt is an additive to most foods, but as much as it adds taste to food it also has its effects on your health. Eating food that contains a lot of salts increase the cases of coronary heart disease. People should avoid using too much salt because of it is a heart risk.



Eat Fish

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that if introduced to your diet then a decrease in heart conditions is fast noted.



Have Sex

Having sex regularly is enjoyable to most people, but sex contributes generously to improving the health of your heart. This is because it lowers your high blood pressure and the risk of developing conditions of the heart.



Check on Your Weight

Most people live sedentary lives, and so there is always an increase in their weights. This weight, which is mostly fats, increases the chances of threatening heart diseases such as coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.



Check Family History

If a family member dies of any heart-related illness because of smoking or practicing other poor habits then most likely you can be at risk too.



Watch Your Diet

A healthy diet that constitutes of all required foods and drinks is a way of reducing heart diseases. Eating lots of vegetables is essential.



Good Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene lowers risks of heart disease because high bacteria levels in the mouth increase the risk of heart diseases.



Eat Nuts

Consumption of nuts such as peanuts helps to bring down cholesterol levels and are protein rich.


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