15 Skin Care Tips for Women in Winter

Skin becomes vulnerable due to the impact of the winter season, so you need to take extra care to protect your skin from any damage. To keep the attraction of your skin these 15 tips may help you a lot:-



Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential for your skin; as it saves your skin from various damages. Use a sunscreen or protect your skin from sunlight.



Wrap Your Skin

You need to make your skin winter resilient, so, cover up your entire skin. Try to be winter proof and escape the snow. Put on hat or caps to guard your hair from cold. Cold weather makes your hair brittle and dry.

Wrap Your Skin


Drink Sufficient Water

Drink more water; because it is extremely vital to hydrate your skin. You should not keep skin thirsty. Drink more water and help your skin retain its shine.



Stay Warm

Due to the cold weather, your skin becomes cold, and then it is crucial to ensure the least warmth for your skin. You need to regulate room hotness as well as ensure proper defense for your chilly skin.


You must use warmth clothes before leaving home. You also use slippers plus socks to escape cold feet.


Use Shampoo

Use shampoos in the bath. It is better if you use moisturizing shampoo; because it benefits your skin and hair to keep it strong plus healthy.


During winter season your hair turns into dehydrated, brittle and weak. To protect your skin from numerous skin diseases, apply moisturizing shampoo.


Use Petroleum

Petroleum saves your lips and skin from winter harm. It keeps your skin easy and comfortable; you should massage petroleum in your external skin to get rid of dryness.



Have Balance Diet

A balanced diet is vital for your health; since, it contains the enormous amount of vitamin, which is essential to protect your skin and hair; so that, they are away from winter damage; it made your skin polished and saved you from various diseases.

Eat Balance Diet


Take Shower Regularly

Take a shower every day at morning to protect your skin significantly from winter harm. It would better if you take the shower in the morning.


After taking the shower, you should apply coconut oil to your skin to supply nutrition in your skin.


Avoid Tap Water

In winter tap water is not safe for your skin as it may contain some chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, etc. that may damage your skin. 

These chemicals can be very dangerous if you have dry skin. Instead of tap water, you may use mineral water, cleaning lotion, cosmetic milk or toner to clean your skin.


Use Electric Room Heater

In winter, to save your skin from the extreme chill, you may try electric room heater and keep it inside your bedroom with a view of regulating room temperature.



Use Moisturizer

You may use the ointment moisturizer which is oil-based because water-based is unsuitable during winter.


If you use the oil-based moisturizer, it will produce a protecting layer in your skin, and it can fill up facial pores.


Wear Gloves

In your hands, there are some oil glands; so, your hands need to remain moist. Otherwise, itchiness, as well as cracking, may occur. Use gloves to avoid this problem.

Wear Gloves


Use Foot Lotion

In winter, season, your feet requisites defensive stuff. Use lotions that help your feet to resist any skin diseases.



Use Peels

Dry skin needs alcohol-based toners, peels, masks, etc. to keep your facial skin beautiful. If you use peels, it will keep safe to your facial skin.


Don’t wear Wet Gloves or Socks

Gloves or socks are very important elements that keep your skin warmth and save from cold weather. However, you should not use damp socks as well as gloves; because it may create irritation.

Due to soaking gloves or socks, your skin becomes affected by eczema, itching, sores cracking, etc.

Don’t wear Wet Gloves or Socks

To keep your skin in good condition, you need to pay extra concentration on your skin during winter. The above winter tips will certainly help you a lot to preserve your skin evergreen.

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