20 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Smoking as a Woman

In numerous occasions, ladies have been advised to keep a distance from smoking. There are several reasons behind this and the list below includes the most important reasons why women should avoid smoking.



Increases Chances of Lung Cancer

The contents of cigarettes, especially nicotine, are likely to cause cancer of the lungs if prolonged usage is encouraged.


Causes Heart Diseases

Smoking has been associated with major heart diseases including heart failure and heart attacks. This might result as a result of the narrowing of veins that is associated with smoking.


Causes Asthma

Apart from inheritance cases, asthma has also been established to be caused by excessive smoking. Since asthma has no cure, preventing it by quitting smoking is the best alternative.


Alters the Functioning of The Brain

The latest research has shown that smoking has similar or close effects to what drugs like cocaine have on the brain. It might result in damage to certain essential elements of the brain upon prolonged usage.

Alters the Functioning of The Brain

Results in Premature Death

Adverse heath effects of smoking might lead to your untimely death. Quitting smoking, therefore, gives you an opportunity to prolong your life span by up to thirty percent.

Premature Death

Causes High Blood Pressure

Due to the clouds of smoke in the lungs and major arteries, there is a likelihood of relatively high blood pressure for a victim of smoking. High blood pressure, in turn, increases chances of heart attacks and other related diseases.

Causes High Blood Pressure

Results in Financial Strain

Purchasing cigarettes on a daily basis wastes money that could have been allocated to another area for the benefit of everyone. By doing away with smoking, you will save quite a huge some of the money which you can use for personal development.


Makes You Anti Social

Many gentlemen normally don’t prefer ladies who smoke as they consider them ill-bred and therefore unfit for any relationship. Quitting smoking will enable you to gain many more friends and even earn respect from your colleagues.

Anti Social girls

Poses Risk to Developing Fetus

For women who are expectant, smoking is greatly harmful to your unborn baby. The components of cigarettes impair the proper development of major organs of the child. This might, in turn, lead to the birth of a premature baby.

Poses Risk to Developing Fetus

To have a healthy child with longer life, you have no option but to quit smoking.​


Results in Loss of Appetite

Too much smoking has always been associated with poor appetite. Proper eating is necessary for a healthy body.

Loss of Appetite

Poses Infertility Risk

The latest research has shown that women who smoke are likely to have problems of infertility compared to their no –smoking counterparts.



Staining of The Teeth

A regular smoke will eventually have her teeth develop a brown color that is contrary to the normal white and presentable color of your teeth. This not only lowers your self-esteem but makes everyone aware that you are a smoker.

teeth stain

Cause Bad Breath

There is a characteristic smell of cigarettes that cannot even be removed by multiple numbers of brushing trials. This will make you less free in interaction with your colleagues at work and even with friends.

Bad Breath

Stains The Fingers

It seems very awkward for a lady to have stained and rough hands. Smoking gives your hands an awkward yellow color that no amount of scrubbing can completely wipe out.

Stains The Fingers

Cause Premature Wrinkles

The objective of most ladies is remaining young for as long as possible. However, smoking is associated with premature wrinkles, and this will make you appear much older than you are.


Raises Your Insurance Premiums

For a smoker, the health premiums payable are likely to be higher than nonsmokers as they have a lower life expectancy and higher health risks. Quitting smoking may see your health premiums reduced.

Insurance Policy

The Wrong Model for Your Kids

Smoking makes you an undesirable role model to your younger siblings and other kids in the neighborhood. They are likely to take after you, and no responsible parent would want this.

The Wrong Model for Your Kids

Reduces The Effectiveness of Certain Medication

For ladies with certain health complications like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, smoking lessens the action of drugs used in the management of these diseases.


Affects Your Close Relations

Smoking is likely to impact negatively on those you associate with like your partner or kids. They might develop health complications as a result of secondary smoking.

Relationship Problems

Reduces Your Chance of Getting a Soul Mate

Since non-smokers would most likely restrict themselves to their fellows, your chances of getting a partner are limited to the 21% world population who are estimated to be smokers. Quitting smoking will broaden your chances of getting a listening and caring partner.

Reduces Your Chance of Getting a Soul Mate
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