5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Oily Hair

More than million people in this world usually experience oily hair problems. Factors that cause oily hair are such as body mass, heredity, and hormonal fluctuations. Homemade products are usually the best because they do not contain any chemicals that might tamper and damage the hair structure.


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Vinegar contain tannic acid which leaves the hair clean which gets rid of the oil supply and the residue. Other products like tea and diluted lemon juice also help a lot in cutting down the oil. After washing the hair with vinegar, you can apply a fruity shampoo to get rid of the smell.


Vinegar is a chelating agent which means it can grab hold of minerals and prevent them from building up in your hair which could have made it dull. It is very cheap and can be acquired easily.


Skip a Hair Wash

You might skip a day or two without washing your hair because more shampoo may rehydrate your hair. Hence, it is advisable not to wash your oily hair every day.

During the days that you do not wash your hair take a natural bristled brush to move those oils to the ends of your hair where they're needed. After a short period, you will begin to notice less oil production stabilizes your hair.


Chemical products do not help in decreasing hair oiliness, so it is upon an individual to seek special advice from doctor, nutritionists or hairstylists.

Before buying shopping, you have to consult with the specialist the brand scalp type and ingredients so that you do not buy the right shampoo for the wrong hair type.


Use Cold Water to Wash Your Hair

Cold water usually closes the hair follicles, and the hair cuticle closes itself off thus stops the production of oil for a longer period while hot water expands your hair cuticle and stimulates the sebaceous glands which produce oil in the hair.

It also reduces the meltdown of oil throughout the hair. Most likely, cold water makes the sebaceous gland act like they have been frozen up.


This can be freely done when you are going to shower at home as a hair stylist is not needed at all. Cold water does not make the hair cells to wear out quickly as compared to the time that you use hot water. It multiplies and generates more cells that help the hair to grow.


Minty Products

They work to remove excess buildup of oil where oil accumulates then you can use minty products. This gives the hair a tingly sensation also cuts the supply of oil.


Mint balances the pH of hair and at the same time gets rid of the excess oil in the hair as it moisturizes the dry, itchy scalp. These products lift up pollutants, dirt gives a shine to the hair and leaves it bouncy. Above all these, the hair smells fresh.



All alcoholic drinks can give a drying effect on oily hair at all costs. The more the alcohol remains in the content, you will get the perfect results.


After using the alcohol, you can wash and rinse off the alcohol. Beer can also be used in this case as it also has the drying effect. It cleans the hair and leaves it shiny. Let’s be aware of any changes that occur in our bodies. Prevent them before they get worse.

Final Words

Enough natural hair oil protects your hair shafts from breaking, keeps your scalp in good condition, and gives your hair that nice, healthy look. To get relief from this kind of problem, home remedies that you’ll find in your kitchen is the best convenient way. Chemicals will not cure you fully; nature will.

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