5 Common Myths about Losing Fat

Weight loss is a field that is plagued by many possibilities depending on one’s reaction to the weight loss program. It is not very easy to tell directly which of the weight loss ideas are true and which ones are fictional or myths.


It all depends on your mindset the reasons why you are going for the weight reduction program. Many lists of common myths are thought to be true. The following are the myths.​

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If You Eat a Lot, You Will Not Lose Fat

The perception that if you eat a lot of food, you will not lose fat is wrong thinking. Different foods possess different qualities. Some foods are rich in fats. These are the kinds of the foods that may lead to a subsequent rise in the fat on a person’s body when eaten.


Other foods which are rich in proteins assist in the burn down of fats. This is because proteins and carbohydrates require a lot of energy to break them down as compared to the energy they supply to the body. Therefore they assist in reducing an individual’s body fat.


Drinking Water Will Wash away Fats

It is a perception that doesn’t seem to hold a lot of scientific sense. Drinking water is a good practice for the body as it leads to washing some of the toxins off as well as keeping us hydrated. But there is no possible way that water alone can lead to the loss of body fat.


Water is also absorbed directly into the body. Therefore, it does not need energy to get digested. This is unlike foods which may need the energy to digest hence burn calories.


Starving Will Lead to Fat Loss

There is this myth that if you want to lose your body fat, then you need to keep off foods and eat as little as possible. This does not apply when it comes to fat reduction.


Okay, you may lose fat, but that is simply because you will be losing everything else as well in the process. The net effect is a just negative in the end.


Lifting Heavier Weights Will Burn More Fats

While this principle may be partly correct, the lifting of weights leads to the burning of calories. To be able to lift the heavier weights, we must build enough strength to sustain the weights. It is, therefore, advisable that we start with the weights that we can manage first.

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This means that if we lift the weights that we can manage and lift them for a longer period, then it will be more effective than the lifting weights that we cannot manage as they deprive us of the strength and endurance to keep lifting the weights.

lift weight

It is always a misconception that it is only in the gym that you can burn fats effectively. This is not true. In as much as going to the gym may be effective, when it comes to losing fat you can achieve very similar results while doing exercises from the comfort of your home.


You Lose Fat Only If You Eat a Balanced Diet

It is not a guarantee that as long as you eat a balanced diet, you will be able to lose fats. A balanced diet is healthy for one’s body, but it also depends on the quantities involved in the balanced diet that will see the losing or gaining of weight.


Such a diet should be recommended by a nutritionist who knows the value of different foods and integrates them. It needs to be low on fatty foods and calories yet high in proteins. In this way, it will be effective in the loss of fats.

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