5 Effective Tips to Control Cravings and Reduce Calorie Consumption

People should find ways through which they can control their cravings. Thus they get the chance to monitor everything that they eat. Failure to do this will just mean that they get to eat a particular product without being able to control the rate at which they do so.


Luckily, there are several means that people can pursue so that they ensure that they monitor the rate at which they take whatever they eat.

All that one requires is that they determine the exact product that they crave for so that they can start the plan to control the cravings.The ways through which people can control the cravings include:-​


Avoiding The Triggers

The cravings operate in a way that you cannot control how you take the food. Therefore, it is important that you avoid the trigger that turns on that craving. This you can do by switching whatever you are eating. The main idea is to ensure that you get rid of the old craves so that you get to develop new ones.


This is something that has been known to happen pretty fast. Therefore, you should not have any trouble using this. The first days are the hardest therefore once you can get past it then you are as good as done with the craving.


Destroy Temptation

If you buy a box of chocolate, then eat it and later start feeling bad about it then the best thing to do so that you get to control that craving would be to destroy the box. Ensure that you ruin it completely since just throwing it in the trash will be a constant reminder.


The idea is to ensure that you do not have any memories of the food that you have the cravings for. You should not think about the money that you are wasting but the problem that you are getting yourself out of.


Use Chemistry

This is something that has been proved to work and is very effective for people who believe in chemistry. Two glasses of water and an ounce of nuts will be able to ensure that the craving does away. This is usually very effective after 20 minutes.

Two glasses of water and an ounce of nuts

The main idea is also to ensure that your appetite gets dampened so that you do not feel like taking more of the food that you crave for. The basic principle is to ensure that you change the body chemistry.


Avoid Stress

This is one of the most popular sources of cravings. Most people tend to crave for food when they are under a lot of stress. The best way to ensure that they can beat the cravings, in this case, will be to ensure that you stay stress-free.

This is something that requires quite a lot practice, but once you get the grip of it, you will be able to enjoy the benefits that come with it.


You can do this by getting one of the many CDs that teach people how to ensure that they are stress-free with muscle relaxation. These are readily available online. Therefore, you should be able to get one easily.


Take a Power Nap

This is one of those methods that people have been able to use so that they get their minds to forget about the cravings. It has been proved that the cravings often sneak up on people when they are tired therefore the powernap will ensure that you get to do something constructive with the time. This will also ensure that you re-energize.

People should ensure that they keep their cravings in check since they can put people at great health risks. By getting to us, the above ways requires that you identify the exact food that you get the cravings for.


It would be impossible to use the methods without knowing what it is you are trying to control.​

Getting to admit that you want to control the cravings also plays a huge role in determining whether or not the program will be successful.

 It is therefore very important that people get to control their cravings so that they keep an eye on their health.

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