5 Ways to Prevent Unnecessary Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most commonly faced by many this includes male and female, young and old. Women are more than often associated with this hair loss problem. It has a lot of causes and others have been proven while some are still in question.


Hair loss should be addressed almost immediately when one notices and below are a few ways to prevent unnecessary hair loss:

5 Ways to Prevent Unnecessary Hair Loss

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Take Care of Your Hair

As much as it sounds as if you always look after your hair, there is that improper thing you do that most certainly leads to the breaking of your hair. Subjecting your hair to too much heat damages the hair proteins.

Using hair dryers, hair curlers, hot brushes and chemical treatments frequently on your hair only ends up making your hair fragile and weak. So one should avoid using too much heat and instead dry your hair naturally.

Dyeing your hair leads to hair loss. This is when you dye your hair more often, and you dye it throughout the whole hair. Dye your hair in patches so that if hair starts falling out it does not affect the whole head.


Many women prefer hairstyles that require tight pulling and clips on a daily basis unaware of the effect it causes on their hair. Avoid cutting off split ends by yourself. Go to your hairdresser to have this done professionally.


Wash Hair

When you wash your hair regularly and properly using mild shampoo then hair loss is significantly reduced as this lowers chances of infection. Infection that can lead to hair loss. After washing, your hair avoids brushing it when still wet. Wet hair is prone to pulling out. Use your fingers instead to undo tangles rather than a comb.

woman using shampoo

Rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel after washing leads to breakage, pat it dry. Wash your hair using protein enhanced shampoos and conditioners which will help repair damaged hair. Dried hair should be brushed using a soft bristled brush.


Avoid Stress

Stress not only affects your body it also has an effect on your hair. Hair loss can be indirectly associated with you overdoing things, and it implies you should have some break. 


To counter this, you should invest more in sleep and take up exercising because does not only help in relaxing your muscles it also helps in circulation of blood which reaches the scalp preventing hair loss.


Feed Healthily

Everyone knows that when feeding on the right food types then chances of falling sick are minimal, well this simple test also applies to your hair. Your hair grows and does not often break when you eat balanced meals. Whatever your meal is, irons play a major role to ensure you maintain your healthy hair.

Healthy Diet

They include; Iron which is readily available. Protein is highly essential to your body and hair too because it allows you to have strong hair. Omega-3 fatty acids have fats that prevent hair from becoming brittle and also maintains the healthy of your hair.


Avoid Foods That May Lead To Hair Loss

The kind of food you take can result in hair loss permanently or temporarily. Such foods should be avoided or not consumed at all. Consuming low-calorie diets can cause hair loss. Avoid eating raw white eggs which harbor bacteria that can harm you but they also contain biotin which prevents absorption.


​Biotin is a mineral that helps in maintenance of healthy hair. You should instead take supplements that contain most minerals so that it helps to avoid this hair loss problem.

Hair loss is quite easy to be dealt with. When one uses all the above tips to avoid this problem, then you are bound to have natural hair that cannot be easily lost. You only need to practice hygiene and improve on your feeding habits and hair loss will be a thing of the past.

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