5 Habits That Can Relieve You from Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is an ailment that has many cures, one of them is medication. Most back pains are a result of so many things. It can be as a result of strenuous activities or health related. So when you experience such pains, and...


You notice that even creams and other remedies you have tried cannot seem to cure or relieve the pain, then you should see a doctor. If this pain is not too serious then a few tips to naturally curb such pains are:

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Getting Enough Sleep

When one is suffering from chronic back pains, then they should try to get enough sleep. Pain in most cases causes insomnia (lack of enough sleep) which is a sleep disorder that is caused by this pain. Inadequate sleep only makes the pain worse.

End of the day you end up seeking treatment for insomnia and back pain. So by working to treat this pain on your back, you also get a chance to enjoy a peaceful sleep. Getting enough sleep on a comfortable bed lowers the chances of developing back pains.

Sound Sleep

Just before sleeping try out a few work out on your mattress. Use your pillow such that it does not raise your head out from aligning it with the spine. With such routine practices then back pains will be a thing of the past.


Cut Down on Weight

Many patients who are overweight are prone to suffer back pains. Even without them being aware of what their weight does to them, such people suffer from back pains. With a lot of pressure on the belly region, this pain is mostly felt on the lower back.

Overweight persons are also likely to suffer a lot from fatigue, difficult breathing and shortness of breath while doing exercises. Fatigue and shortness of breath can indirectly lead to back pains.

Lose weight now

So when one has increased weight, they need to try some exercises so as to reduce their chances of developing chronic back pains.


Proper Posture

How you sit, sleep, stand determines the number of times you are likely to suffer from back pains. This poor posture may result to tightening up of muscles or lengthening of muscles, and they become weak.

When one develops rounded shoulders, pot belly the person uses a poor posture to do whatever they do. This, in turn, affects the spine and when the spine is affected it causes the pain felt on the lower back.

Proper posture

Bad posture can be hereditary, but this does not mean that you cannot do anything about it to stop yourself from this habit that can cause you great pains on your back.


Get a Massage

Massage can be a serious form of medication to reduce back pains. Most people seek medical attention and some end up taking serious medication; others are even taken for surgeries to help cure back pains which at times end ups aggregating the condition further.

Well before taking up such measures you should try enrolling for massage, especially with professionals. Go for these massages as instructed and be serious with them.


You will notice how effective it can be in the long run. Massages relax the muscles and this, in turn, lowers the pain experienced on the lower back.


Regular Exercises

henever you feel pain on your back try to do some exercise, and surprisingly this pain reduces. This only shows how a simple exercise can be helpful.

Most adults suffer from back pains because of muscle strain or an injury. When such an adult takes up a simple exercise such as walking, it can help stop such pains.

Swimming is another exercise that simply reduces pain in the back because it practically has no impact on spinal structures. While in the water, there is minimum stress on the joints. Riding bicycles is another remedy.


So if you want to lessen the number of times you have to see the doctor, then simple exercises come in handy. Most people do not realize how treating back pains can be too easy.

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