6 Workouts That Will Give You a Slim Waist

A slim waist is often considered trendy among women as it comes along with a desirable and perfect figure fit for a lady. Achieving the appropriate waist has always proved an uphill task for many ladies.


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However, with the following easy and fantastic tips, you will have a waist worth admiring:


One Arm Rotational Press

This particular move requires an exercise ball together with two dumbbells which are about five pounds in mass. Lying with your head facing the ceiling and shoulders on the ball hold the dumbbells in your hand, one for each side.

Steadily press your left arm as you roll to the left until your entire body rests on the left shoulder. Remember to keep your hips stable while doing carrying out this move. Following the same procedure, try out the other side of the shoulder and roll out slowly.

One arm rotational press

Have a recurrence of this for about twelve times to achieve the best out of this particular workout.


Swiss Ball Russian Twist

Just like its predecessor, this one also involves an exercise ball but not necessarily the five-pound dumbbells. The first step is lying with your shoulders resting on the ball.

Clasping your hands together in one move, raise your tongue to the roof of your mouth to attain stability on your neck. Keep your feet on the floor as you rotate from one side to the other. Never forget to pull your belly in your belly just before embarking on the rolling exercise.

Swiss ball Russian twist

All this time, your hips should be up with only your shoulder on the ball. For a perfect and slim waist within six weeks, carry this out at least ten times for each side of the shoulder on a daily basis.



For this move, a small ball is recommended. It is quite a simple exercise technique that does not require much energy. Squeeze the ball between your slightly bent knees while standing in a slanting position.

After this, jump slightly with your knees rotated to the left. You can then shift the jump to your right side. Carry this out for up to twenty times. For even better results within a short span of time, trying sinking to the lowest level possible with every single twist.


You can even lower yourself until you squat and then slowly rotate back to your former posture. Repeat this for each side, so easy!


Round Backs

For this, take a seat on the floor with your shoulder blades against a wall and your feet kept completely flat. Ensuring that your back is rounded, slightly bend your knees as you place your hands on the floor around the hips.

Press your fingertips on the floor while lifting squeezing the abs and lifting your feet above the floor. Slowly bring your knees towards the chest straighten your legs with your to facing the ceiling. Bring forth and backward your leg an inch closer to the wall.


Keeping the left leg on the floor, bring the right one towards you as you grasp it with your both hands. Stay in this posture for an average of thirty seconds and then switch to the other leg. Repeat this severally for every three sets.


Pelvic Scoops

Lie on the floor with your face up and knees slightly bent. To the left thigh, cross the right ankle with the bent right knee pointing outside. After that, try flexing the right foot leaving on your heels resting on the floor.

Pelvic scoops

Squeezing your abs and lifting your hips off the floor; leave your pelvis tilting up in the direction of the ribs. Without arching back, curl the pelvis as much as possible. Slowly lower the feet to the floor through the left heel. Repeat this procedure about ten times for each side.


C-Curve Moves

This particular move requires a rolled towel which is squeezed between the thighs. With the towel in that position, stand to face the wall. Place your palms on the wall as you thrust forward the hips.

Slightly extend your arms until your back is nearly parallel to the floor. Steadily squeeze your abs and towel as you rise on your toes. After that, do about twenty pulses after which you raise and lower the hips within an inch.

C-curve moves

Starting with the knees bent to ninety degrees’ angle is a better option as it produces quicker results.Conduct three sets of this exercise for a slim and curvy waist.

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