6 Easy Morning Exercises for Men

Regarding exercise, most people usually think that they have to run hundreds of miles so that they make an impact. It would be interesting to know that that is not the case. You can still make the same impact when you carry out easy exercises regularly.


​Most men have been able to ensure that they stay physically fit by doing some of the simplest workouts. Even the personal trainers usually prefer that people stick to the simple workouts so that they get used to them before going overboard to the heavy stuff.

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Some of the 6 easy morning workouts exercise for men include:-​


The 3 Step Lateral Run and Pause

In this morning workout, you have to form a strong, tall posture and then perform a high knee while running sideways and taking three lateral steps totally. You then run on the balls of your feet while driving the elbows back.


It is important to note that all this is done while still maintaining a good and upright posture. You should not cross your feet while running. When on the third step, you pause then maintain balance for at least 2 seconds and then run in the opposite direction.


Lateral Speed Lunge

In this morning workout, you first form an athletic position and then take one lateral step to the right. Then quickly in a good squat form, you reach out and touch your right hand which is outside your right leg.


Then do this to the floor and then drive your body up then shuffle a single step over the left while touching the floor with the right hand. The body should be completely tall (extended) while you are moving from sides to side.


Spiderman Climbs

This is started at the top of a push-up position. With your abs braced, you pick one foot off the floor and then attempt to bring one knee up outside the shoulder and then touch the foot to the ground.

Spiderman Climbs

Then you return your leg to the start up position and repeat the whole process again. While repeating, you should now do it with the other leg.


Side to Side Hops

This is one of the easiest morning exercises that men do and is very popular among men’s choices. You start with the feet together, and then you push off with your foot and land on the other foot. The distance that you get to move is approximately 3 feet.


Once you land on the other foot, you use the same foot to jump hence making a similar move but to the opposite direction. You then hop back but now pushing using the left foot and then repeating the entire process over and over again.


Pushups With a Row

In this one, you get into the push-up position while your arms are straight, and your hands rest on very light dumbbells. You then squeeze your abs and the glutes while you do the push-up. 


When at the top, you pull one of the dumbbells off the floor towards you until the point when your elbow is above your back. You then have to return the weight slowly to the floor using the other arm and then repeat the entire process.


Single-Leg RDL

In this morning exercise, you stand with the feet slightly more and the shoulder width apart. You then raise one leg extending it behind you off the floor. You then contract your glutes, brace abs while keeping the spine naturally arched.


While focusing on balance, you then lower yourself till your torso is parallel to the floor. Push your hips back to initiate the movement. Do this repeatedly by switching legs after 10 seconds.

In general, these exercises can ensure that men stayed physically fit and given the fact that they are quite easy to perform ensures that anybody who is willing to get to do it.

All that is required is the determination to do it and then you should be able to do these every morning. They are of great help in ensuring that you stay physically fit.

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