6 Tips for Bleached Hair Care

Hair bleaching is a permanent process that lightens your hair. If you are considering to bleach your hair, you should bear in mind that the process is permanent, and you will have to apply other hair dying process in case you would like your hair to recover its natural color.


On bleaching your hair, you are restricted, and there are some things that you will have to do so that your bleached hair can remain neat and attractive. Here are some tips on what you can do to your bleached hair for it to remain perfect.​


Protect Your Hair from Chlorine

In most cases, piped shower water and even swimming pools water are chlorinated water. When chlorinated water comes into contact with bleached hair, the hair is most likely to turn gray.

To avoid this, always make sure that you protect your hair using a showering cap when swimming or taking a shower.


In case chlorinated water comes into contact with your hair, the best thing to do is to wash it off with a special anti-chlorine shampoo. Chlorinated water can lock up you hair and in some cases, it can cause your hair to break.


Keep Your Hair in Mind

You should know that bleached hair is vulnerable to damages and should always be handled with a lot of care. When it comes to washing your bleached hair, you should always use mild shampoos and conditioners that do not have vigorous reactions with the hair in the name of removing dirt.


You should also a limit to the use of heat styling equipment on your bleached hair to avoid putting stress on your bleached hair strands because this can easily lead to your hair breaking.


Nourish Your Hair

Bleached hair has special types of hair oils that should be applied to them so that they remain in good condition. There are some oils to be applied on a regular basis and others to be applied once in a while like ones a month for the purpose of maintaining the hair.

Nourish Your Hair

Other things like using hair masks can also be applied to keep bleached hair but all these nourishments should be done depending on the condition of the hair and should not be overdone.


Repair Your Hair Properly

Bleached hair at times can get damaged. For this reason, you will have to repair your hair to get it back to a good condition. When repairing your hair, you should make sure that you directly target the damage.


If the damage is not such a server e.g. dry, you can simply apply hair oil by yourself, but when the damage is serious e.g. regular hair breakage at the roots, then you will need the services of your hair stylish.


Visit Your Stylist Regularly

Just as maintaining good health calls for you to visit the doctor regularly, maintaining bleached hair requires you to visit you hair stylist regularly. This will make sure that your hair is in good condition. Because your hair stylist can identify damages to your hair earlier enough.

Visit Your Stylist Regularly

Then your hair can be repaired before it gets any worse. Your hair stylist should know the type of hair you have so that he can easily know how to take care of certain hair damages.

While you are at your hair stylist, you should try and get hair treatment. Do it as soon as you notice that your hair needs one.


Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Exposing your bleached hair to too much sun can be dangerous. Sun’s heat normally causes dehydration and can dehydrate your hair and make them more brittle. The sun is also healthy for your hair, but too much of it can be dangerous to it as well.

You can protect your bleached hair from the sun by using a hat or applying hair products that contain ultra-violet filters.

Protect Your Hair from The Sun

Before bleaching your hair, it is crucial that you consult you hair stylish so that it can be done correctly instead of damaging your hair more. There are also several bleaching products out there, and only your stylist knows the best one for you.

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