How to Treat Bad Breath? − 7 Home Treatments

Everyone has had to deal with bad breath at some point in life. Whether you were the one with the bad breath or it was someone near you, you probably felt very embarrassed and irritated, either way. Bad breath is very common and sometimes can be caused by no apparent cause at all.


For instance, even if you brush your teeth before you go to bed at night, you may still wake up in the morning with a bad breath problem.

On the other hand, it may be caused by some illnesses or diseases within or outside the mouth and these diseases will have to be dealt with accordingly for the bad breath to go away.

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7 Home Treatments for Bad Breath

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Bad breath is scientifically referred to as halitosis. Treating bad breath starts with finding out the reasons or factors behind the problem.

Many factors could result in bad breath and, as such, there are just as many treatments and remedies that have been found to be efficient in the solution of the same.

Most of these treatments can be carried out at home naturally without using too much in the way of resources, and the subsequent parts of this article will be dedicated to a discussion of the top 7 home remedies for the problem of bad breath.

However, before embarking on that discussion, it is important to mention in passing an important aspect of bad breath known as Pseudohalitosis.

Pseudohalitosis refers to a condition in which people think that they have bad breath while, in actual sense, their breaths are perfectly normal, and they have no problem at all.

This problem is very common all over the world, and you may have even experienced it yourself at some point. The only treatment for Pseudohalitosis, when it extends for a long period, is psychiatric treatment. The following are the 7 most effective home remedies for bad breath:​


Brushing the Teeth 

Brushing of the teeth is arguably the easiest yet most effective of all the home remedies for bad breath.


It gets rid of food remains and food particles in the mouth and them, therefore, do not get to rot there and cause bad breath. You should brush your teeth after every meal you take to keep bad breath away.


Regular Flossing

Some food particles and remains may get stuck deep in between the teeth where they cannot be reached by the bristles of the toothbrush.


Dental floss can reach these spaces and remove such food particles before they rot and cause bad breath and this is why dentists advise flossing of the teeth at least twice every day.


Salt and Hot Water

A solution of salt in hot water is very effective in healing injuries inside the mouth which may be causing bad breath. All you need to do is gurgle a mouthful of the solution and then spit it out. It also leaves a fresh taste in your mouth. For best results, you might consider including some lemon juice.



Raw Carrots

Eating raw carrots can also help in reducing bad breath; the carrot not only scrapes off any food remains and plaque off the surface of your teeth but also maintains the acid-alkaline balance inside the mouth thereby killing any bacteria that may be causing bad breath.



Breath Mints

If you need to deal with a bad breath problem and do not have a lot of time to do so, try popping a breath mint tablet into your mouth. The mint gives you instant freshness although its effect may not be very long lasting.

Breath mints


Ginger Roots

Though not entirely approved in modern medicine, ginger roots can provide instant relief from bad breath. Simply clean the roots and chew on a small piece for a few minutes before rinsing the mouth. The effects of the ginger roots last longer than most breath mints.



Hard Cheese

The dry mouth is a very common cause of temporary halitosis and eating hard cheese can help you reduce such dryness and, consequently, help you deal with the bad breath problem. This is because dry cheese stimulates the secretion of more saliva inside the mouth.

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