9 Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Most people usually desire to have long hair but are not certain of the things that they have to do to achieve that. Here are some tips that you can use so that you ensure your hair grows faster than normal.


Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster


Make Sure You Get These 5 Vitamins

Vitamins play a major role in enhancing faster hair development. Though many types of vitamins are essential for healthy hair growth, the following five have proved very effective over the past years.

Top 5 Vitamins to Help Your Hair Grow Faster

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Apply Egg Whites

This is one tip that has been proved by experts to work, and it mainly relies on the properties of the eggs. The eggs have properties that contribute to healing hair and also replenishing people’s hair. This can ensure that the hair shines and stays soft.


It often said that once you do this, your hair gets a healthier look that most people would admire. Being healthy and growth is related hence this can ensure that you get a faster hair growth.


Get Conditioner Treatment

You can guarantee fast growth through having a healthy scalp. This you can ensure by having a deep conditioner treatment regularly. If you try this, you will be able to see some difference in the rate your hair grows.



Brush Your Hair Carefully

Most people usually brush their hair without knowing that the manner in which they do gets to determine just how fast it will grow.

Whereas brushing the hair will ensure that there is enough air circulation in the scalp hence a boost in hair growth, too much of it will also accelerate the rate of hair breakage.


You should avoid brushing your hair when it is wet since this is known to cause severe damage. The combs that you use have to be wide toothed so that they do a better job. You should brush the hair not more than twice so that hair growth is not disturbed.


Watch Your Diet

Eat foods that are rich in proteins which help hair grow faster. These foods include eggs, fish, and fruits among many others. You should also cut down on junk food since they will just slow you down while trying to make your hair longer.



Drink Lots of Water

Water is usually necessary since it helps in flushing out the toxins that exist in people’s bodies. This will give the body an advantage since it will be able to have a natural method of growing the hair longer.

The average amount that people should take in a day is 8 cups, but there is no harm in taking more than that.


This is also able to help in making the hair stronger hence making it grow faster. It is this same water that will hydrate the hair so that it prevents the chances of hair breakage.


Avoid Too Much Blow Drying

Too much blow drying increases the rate of hair breakage hence reducing the chances of growing hair.

You have to lessen the number of times that you blow dry your hair so that you make the hair grow faster. This will reduce the split ends that you have hence a good tip to rely on.



Get Hot Oil Scalp Massages

This is quite simple, and you can even get a friend to do it for you. You simply heat up an oil treatment then rub it on the scalp.

Once you have done that, you let it stay for a while, and you should be in a position to feel some slight difference. Your hair should feel long, soft and thicker than usual.


It is usually recommended that people use the homemade hot oil treatments, but even those from the stores can still do the trick. Examples of the oils that you can use include olive oils and coconut oils among many others.


Trim Your Hair Regularly

It is surprising to most people, but it has been proved its worth. Trimming will ensure that you get rid of the dead ends that might be preventing further growth. Once you do this, you will be in a position to experience hair growth since it will have top replace the hair you trim.


The good thing is that it will not only grow but become longer. You can also trim the split ends so that you boost the hair growth. This is important since the hair grows from the roots.

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