7 Natural Tips to Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

Having a smooth skin that’s always appealing is every man’s wish. People always make an extra effort to ensure that they look younger, and their skin remains as healthy as possible. There is no more need to worry and you can as well save quite a handsome amount of cash by just putting into consideration the following tips on perfect skin maintenance;



The best way of having a smooth skin is keeping off from smoking activities. Smoking has an adverse effect on the skin and makes it look older than it is in the real sense. This it achieves by seriously damaging the fiber collagens and elastin responsible for keeping the skin strong and elastic.


The facial expressions often made during smoking also contribute to wrinkling of the skin and therefore by doing away with smoking, you will be a step further in ensuring a healthy and young skin.


Limiting the duration you take while showering is yet another secret to keeping a healthy skin. Long showers have often been proved to remove a considerable amount of natural oil responsible for the appealing and smooth nature of our skin.


An average shower should last for a maximum of ten minutes and should never go beyond that.


Closely related to the above is the kind of water to use for bathing. It is advisable to use warm water as opposed to hot water for showering.

hot water

The water of relatively higher temperatures has always been associated with destruction and killing of skin cells and therefore leaving our skin to be so undesirable at such a tender age.


Keep foods that are rich in vitamin C as part of your regular diet for a consistently younger skin as it is responsible for collagen formation; a chemical that keeps the skin soft and fresh. Taking plenty of fruits and vegetables can assist a great deal in achieving this.

vitamin c

Some of the fruits that are renowned for being rich in this nutrient include oranges and guavas. Taking the natural juices of these fruits is yet another option of accessing vitamin C.

Alternatively; you can go for whole grains as opposed to shifted ones for a complete dose of this vital nutrient.​ Alternatively, you can opt for lean proteins which are also known to maintain a healthy and younger skin for a considerable length of time.​


Another natural way of keeping your skin smooth and appealing is through regular yet moderated cleansing and shaving routines. Shaving is recommendable for our skin but overdoing it is an unnecessary measure that we ought to avoid by all means.


Excessive shaving is capable of damaging the epidermal layer of the skin, leaving it to appear so old and unattractive. You should, therefore, shave to a certain extent leaving a considerable level of hair around the respective places.

During shaving, it is also advisable to conduct it in a careful manner to evade possibilities of sustaining cuts, damages and scraps which might, in turn, leave our skin to appear very rough.


It is important to note that our hands play a key role in maintaining a healthy skin and therefore keeping them clean and free of contamination are yet another way of making our skin appear younger and smoother.


Most of the time, we tend to rub our faces and scratch ourselves without minding what our hand had in contact with during their last encounter.

Since they are known to be great collectors of germs and dust that might make our skin rough, always wash your hands after handling chemicals or any other materials that might jeopardize the nature of your skin.


Lastly, always keep your body hydrated for a younger and healthy skin. Dry skin is often associated with old age, and therefore modes of keeping your skin moisturized are necessary for a healthy and younger skin.

healthy skin

Taking a minimum of six glasses daily is a key way to achieving this. Enough quantity of water within the body will keep your body free of certain toxins responsible for premature wrinkling of the skin.

Moreover, your skin will be free from cracks which can make your skin appear relatively older than they ought to be.

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