7 Mistakes You Are Making While Using Your Toothbrush

Brush at least twice every day especially a sensible person with a keen sense of oral hygiene in the modern world does. It is strange that very few people ever give priority to the care and handling of the toothbrush.


Most of us simply think about the toothbrush when we need to brush our teeth and then forget about it immediately we are done brushing.

If at all we try to find out anything about the toothbrushes, it is simply to find out what we should do to or with the brush, never about what we should not do with it.

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Taking good care of your toothbrush goes a long way in determining the direction of your oral health. A good toothbrush is an essential ingredient to maintaining oral health. Here is a list of 7 things that you should never do when handling and using your toothbrush:


Do Not Overuse Your Toothbrush

In as much as a toothbrush is a personal item and one that you use on several occasions without fail, it is important that you never get too attached to any specific brush to dispose of it.

Do Not Overuse Your Toothbrush

Scientists and Dentists recommend that a toothbrush should be replaced after every three to four months. Stick to this and replace your brush since upon the expiry of this time the brush will have practically outlived its usefulness.


Never Share Your Toothbrush

It does not matter how close you are to your spouse, or another kind the rule is simple, a toothbrush should never be shared between two or more people. One toothbrush is for one person; that’s it.


Sharing a toothbrush can facilitate the transfer of germs and illnesses such as common flu and hepatitis between the people that share the brush.


Never Store Your Toothbrush Wet

You should always allow some time for your toothbrush to dry every time you use it. Leaving it wet can help incubate bacteria and other germs which will be then transferred to you the next time you brush your teeth.


The best way to allow your toothbrush to dry is by leaving it in an upright position in a holder placed in an open space. Enclosed spaces simply slow down the drying, and this is why you should not store a wet toothbrush in a cabinet.


Never Leave Your Toothbrush in The Toilet

It is common practice for people to brush their teeth in the bathroom sink and most people leave the brushes there right after brushing. The problem here is that every time you flush the toilet, dirty water splashes and some of it is retained in the atmosphere.

Never Leave Your Toothbrush in The Toilet

This dirty water vapor may settle down on your toothbrush and will then be transferred to your mouth the next time you brush your teeth.


Never Dry Your Toothbrush in a Microwave Oven

Yes, it is important to keep your toothbrush dry right after you use it but drying it in a microwave oven or a dishwasher is not the solution. The latter will only damage the bristle on the brush and end up giving it a much shorter lifespan.



Never Store Your Toothbrush Without Rinsing 

Most of us never take the time to rinse our brushes thoroughly, and the effect is that the brushes are left with germs from the previous brushing which we will ingest the next time we brush.



Never Brush The Wrong Way

Even though most dentists say that there is no right or wrong way to brush your teeth, there are some brushing styles that must be avoided if you wish to lengthen the life of your toothbrush.


For instance, brushing up and down instead of brushing from left to right/right to left preserves the bristles better and helps your toothbrush last much longer.

Final Words

Taking good care of your toothbrush not only ensures that the toothbrush can last for much longer but, in the long run, it also means that you will have much better oral hygiene. A good illustration of this point is evident when you consider the point of never storing your toothbrush near the toilet as explained above.

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