7 Ways to Give Him the Perfect Night

Sex is the main pillar of a good relationship and without good sex, it may be impossible for a relationship to work out. Women play the most important role in the relationship as they go that extra mile to her man with that good loving which is the key to making a relationship stick.


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Here are some tips on some of the things that a woman can do to ensure that her man has a one of a kind sex experience in his lifetime.​


Make Sure You Are Alone

For people with families and kids, having sex with the knowledge that the other family members might be listening or, worse, watching makes it all very uncomfortable and may prevent you from saying or doing whatever you want to.


You can send your kids to sleep over or visits that night just to make sure that no one is watching or listening.


Prepare His Favorite Meal

Men like food, especially if they are exhausted from daily life activities like jobs and stuff. His favorite meal will get him into a good mood automatically, and this makes him want it because that is just how men are when they get excited.



Get Him in the Mood

Men are suckers for anything that is sexy in a lady. You should be as suggestive as possible about wanting sex, and very soon, he will be ready mentally and physically for it. In fact, he will probably be the one begging for it.



Go All the Way

Most men like it when women are in control while having sex. Boss him around and tell him what you want him to do, and you should be daring with this. An easy way to make him lose it is by giving him a blowjob and touching him all over his penis with a tight grip.


Take It Somewhere Else

We are all so used to having sex in the bed that it becomes boring. Tell him you want it in the kitchen or the living room or even in the bathtub; somewhere unusual and unexpected. This will spice up the sex and somehow motivate him and make him want you even more than before.



Make Sure You Are Alone

Another way to spice up your sex is by speaking dirty and telling him how bad you want him and all the ‘bad things’ that you are about to do to him.


Speaking dirty excites men and puts them in a mental position where they just can’t control themselves anymore. At this point, no man will not enjoy the sex or better yet not forget about it.


Make Sure He Ejaculates

Men only consider that they have had good sex if they ejaculate and this is the most important thing to them. Give it to him.Make sure that he ejaculates at any cost and in case you get exhausted before he does; you can use your hand to make him do it or if possible your mouth.

Another thing that would also make the sex memorable is by doing it again and again. This is pleasurable for both men and women. After ejaculation, take a few minutes rest and get back to it and if possible, do it in another room or place to change it and make it different.


Changing positions is also crucial. Having sex in one position gets boring and exhausting with time and one can easily loose his focus on the sex and end up making it even more boring; with the result that he is just waiting to ejaculate. Make him feel what he hasn’t felt even before he ejaculates.

Final Words

One thing that you should avoid is faking moans. Some men can sense this and such things can completely turn men off. Turn off his phone and yours as well to avoid distractions. You should make sure that whatever you say that time is all sexual and not any other thing.

Men are poor at multitasking when it comes to sex and if you give him something else to think about, he will either switch most of his focus on the other thing or maintain focusing on you and not hear another word.

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