8 Natural Remedies for Female Infertility

Children are sources of fun to the family. Inability to bear your kids can be very demoralizing, and this is why women try to do everything within their power to rectify the situation. You can try the following eight natural remedies to overcome the condition.


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Various remedies have been advanced to rectify such complications, and the following eight natural remedies are some of the best.


Healthy Diet and Fertility Foods

One of the best ways of fighting infertility is taking a keen interest in your diet. Be cautious on what you ingest and often include fertility foods within your diet.

Foods like organic meat are very efficient in combating infertility among women. Moreover, your diet should include plenty of whole grains and nuts. Fresh vegetables and fruits also help in boosting your fertility rates.


Your meals should be prepared using monounsaturated fats or clarified butter as these have been known to boost women’s fertility. Together with cold pressed oil, your chances of conception are higher.


Cutting on Coffee and Alcohol Consumption

It has been established that taking a cup of coffee a day increases your infertility chances by up to 55%. This might appear unreal, but it is the fact.

So assuming that you consume a minimum of two coffee cups in a day, and you have fertility issues, your chances of getting pregnant are almost zero.


As for alcohol, a glass of it is capable of reducing the fertility rates by nearly fifty percent. This is so since alcohol is very harmful to women’s ovum; making their interaction with sperms less effective and thereby reducing chances of conception.


Sufficient Sleep

To get enough sleep has been closely linked to fertility. While sleeping, certain essential hormones like melatonin and serotonin which boost a woman’s fertility are released.

Less sleeping hours results in low production of these hormones which in turn shortens the luteal phase. A reduction in the period between ovulation and menstruation will automatically lower your chances of conception.


Furthermore, insufficient sleep impairs the body’s ability to regulate adrenaline and cortisol which are threats to fertility in higher levels. Sleeping for about seven hours is good for your fertility.


Carrying Out Regular Exercise

Routine workouts are good for higher fertility rates. Conducting multiple exercises a day gives you a higher chance of conception compared to the rest who do not engage in exercise routines.

Moreover, this will enable you to attain the appropriate body size and weight which is a key necessity in conception.


However, you ought to be very careful not to exercise over as this might lead to low-fat content within your body. Low body fat below 18% is likely to impair the ovulation system.


Proper Stress Management

It is essential to live a stress-free life if you want to increase your chances of conception. The fact that you have difficulties in getting pregnant does not mean that you won’t be able to have your child.


Feel relaxed and increase your chances of getting pregnant. This you can do by staying away from activities or thing that often remind you of your condition.


Use of Natural Herbs

Certain leaves and herbs have been known to be very effective in dealing with infertility. One of the best examples is the nettle leaf which is very rich in minerals.

This herb has high chlorophyll content which is necessary for kidney and adrenal nourishment. It also aids in stress management, which can be a major hindrance to conception.


The nettle leaf works as a perfect uterine tonic and will, therefore, increase your chances of conception. Red raspberry leaf is yet another herb which has aided many women in overcoming infertility problems.


Minimizing Exposure to Certain Chemicals

Certain chemicals can result in a hormonal imbalance within the body and thereby make conception quite difficult. For this reason, it is essential to check the contents of the creams and lotions you use before crying foul.


Enough Water Intake

Water is essential for the body and can result in infertility if it is not taken in the right amounts. Low water levels within the body might result to low cervical mucous which in turn impedes the effective movement of sperm after copulation.


Taking a minimum of six glasses of water on a daily basis is an essential remedy for infertility.

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