7 Things You Should Never Do During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, everything that gets into your mouth gets shared and therefore it is very important that you keep a check on what you do or eat during the period to ensure your baby stays safe.


This is why a lot of safety options need to be taken care of to ensure you and your growing baby are kept safe from harm. The following are the don’ts during the pregnancy periods:


Avoid Specific Sources of Meat

Pre-stuffed, fresh, turkey or chicken, steak or any raw meats are not good for the baby. Some fish have also been considered not good for the health of both you and the baby especially swordfish and tilefish which have high levels of mercury.

Avoid specific sources of meat


Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is one of the most dangerous ways to harm your unborn child. This is because as the alcohol crosses the placenta, your baby’s developing liver can’t process it as fast as you can and can, therefore, raise the risk of miscarriage.

Drinking Alcohol

It can also increase the chance of your baby being underweight during birth. It may lead to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder which may cause heart defects and behavioral disorder.



Exercise may be good for the proper growth of the baby. However, it is advisable that one gets to know just how far they can go on with such exercises as sometimes they may cause problems during the pregnancy period.


For instance, cycling is good for experienced riders, but a shift in the center of gravity may cause imbalance and make cycling dangerous. It should, therefore, be avoided for security purposes to ensure the health of both the baby and the mother are not compromised.



Stress is a thing that must be avoided at all costs during the pregnancy period.

Added stress is a great disadvantage when it comes to having a successful pregnancy and thus always avoids the situations that may easily draw you into stressful activities to ensure that you go through the pregnancy periods safely and in a healthy way.


Positive thinking is a good way to avoid and deal with stress.


Fashion and Clothing

Sometimes the mother may want to look great and elegant in the course of her pregnancy. It is also the reason why some dressing is highly preferable over others. Avoid wearing 4-inch heel shoes as this is just plain dangerous to you and the unborn baby.

Fashion and clothing

As much as celebrities may be wearing them, it is not advisable to have the same, and more flat shoes are preferable. High heeled shoes put a lot of pressure on your womb, and the baby may end up in an unnatural position; something that is not good at all for the unborn baby.



You should never go anywhere without access to a bathroom. Being any place where you cannot get access to the bathroom can be one of the worst mistakes you could ever make especially in the final months of the pregnancy.


No one ever knows when one might need to use a bathroom and research has shown that pregnant women are more susceptible to bathroom emergencies compared to other women.



Try out an ethnic food for the first time. This can be very uncomfortable as it may give you stomach upsets especially if it does not measure up to what you expected it to be. In most cases, it may lead to a heartburn as it is the most common side-effect in pregnancy.

healthy food

So a lot of care is, therefore, necessary to ensure the health of both the mother and the baby are taken control of and that they are helped through these times together and given the support they need throughout the whole period.

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