8 Simple Workouts to Tone Your Skin and Get the Perfect Bum

A smooth and youthful skin together with sizable bum is every woman’s wish. Achieving this has never been easy for many ladies. However, with the following eight tips, you will move closer to achieving your objectives, if not meeting them within a considerable time limit.



Squatting and Pressing

This is a perfect workout for toning skin around the arms, abs and hips. It is such a simple exercise that involves standing with your feet apart (approximately the width of your shoulder).

After that, you are required to move into a squat position, slowly but steadily. Ensure that your knees haven’t passed the tip of your toes while squatting.


Moreover, the hips ought to be in a position that is slightly above the knee level. You can then retain this position for about two minutes trying your best not to trip over. As you resume your normal position, strive to press through your heels to stand back up.

All this time, your arm should be kept above your head. Conducting this about twelve times daily would give out the desirable results. Always remember that you have to take a pause of sixty seconds between each session.


Walking Lunges

For toning the skin around the thighs and hamstrings, this is the right exercise. First, in achieving this, take a long step with the aid of your left foot. After that, try lowering your body while still maintaining the same position until your front knee is at an angle of 90 degrees.

While doing this, the back knee ought to be two inches above the ground. Step forward using your right foot as you stand back.

Walking Lunges

Taking an average of twelve steps with each foot is advisable. Your back should be straight while conducting this and the front knee should never be let past the ankle. This can be done once in the morning and another session in the evening for impressive results.


Doing Planks

To have a tight skin around the abdominal muscles, try out planks. This is a very simple exercise that only requires coming onto your stomach with your hand on the shoulders. Placing your toes on the ground, shift the come to your forearms.


Only the forearms and toes should reach the ground level as your back remains straight. Before resuming your initial posture, stay in this position for about twenty-five seconds. Doing five sets of this exercise will just give you the desirable skin.


Carrying out Glute Kickbacks

This particular one aims at perfecting your bum within the minimum time possible. One fantastic aspect of this workout is that you can carry it out alongside other activities like watching your favorite program on the television as it is not that involving.

Bend your knees at ninety degrees and get on your hands. Still keeping your knees at the same position; lift your legs in a back and up manner. The head should be kept in a neutral position while carrying out this.


As you get back to your initial position, squeeze your left glute and steadily lower your legs. Repeat the same with the right leg and conduct this several times a day for effective changes.


Conducting Leg Lifts over a Ball

For this particular workout, lie on the floor with your stomach resting on an exercise ball and your hands firmly holding the floor. Slightly lift your left legs off the floor striving to keep it straight all this time.


Hold it up for thirty seconds and then lower it down as you turn to the other leg. If you are fit enough, you can opt for lifting both of them at the same time.



Lie on the floor with your head facing the ceiling. With your feet on the floor, lift your spine steadily as you tighten the gluts. Carry out these until you create a line from your shoulders. Repeat it several times for impressive results on your bums.



Carrying Outside Leg Raises

This is another workout that can be done while watching a movie. Simply lie on the floor on one side and lift the upper leg, turning it out as it reaches the hip area. While lowering your leg, keep the hips stacked and trunk still for this exercise to work out for you.



Squat Jumping

With your chest facing forward and feet at shoulder width, rest your weight on your heels as you drop your body to a standard squat. Propel a large jump from the position and do this about eighteen times. Though it needs robust energy and endurance, the benefits are worth the struggle.

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