9 Home-made Hair Care Solutions

A wide range of natural products from our kitchen is better than anything to make a good homemade hair solution or treatment for different hair problems. In this post we will try to explain how you can use them all by yourself.




This is an unlikely beauty beverage which adds beauty to hair. Beer contains the supply of yeast that helps the hair as it works on tired hair. As a result of this, the hair becomes fine and limp.




It repairs damaged hair. The oils from the avocado fruit are light and moist with our individual normal skin emissions. The protein also improves the blend of nutrients for leveling also considering down disruptive hair that can disturb you.

A mixture of mayonnaise, egg yolks, sour cream and avocado give the best results for frizzy hair.



Sodium Bicarbonate

Most it breaks down acidic substances. For the hair, it breaks down all the residues that can be found on the hair that has been caused by solid oil, dust or particles from sleeping blankets. A hair treatment can thus be used after a period of two weeks after using the sodium bicarbonate.



Sour Cream and Yogurt

They reverse the damage made by the styling products or air pollution that can leave a film that both saps moisture and dulls shine. Milk fat moisturizes the hair leaving it healthy, and the lactic acid strips away the dirt found in the hair.

Sour Cream and Yogurt

Clean hair is healthy hair. As you know, milky products have a lot of nutritious ingredients that helps the body internally or externally.



According to research, Janice Cox of Natural Beauty at Home says `In the best of the worlds, raw eggs are the best for beauty treatment. Not on only the face but also on the hair.

The white part of an egg contains bacteria destroying enzymes that eliminate unwelcome hair oil while the yolk part of an egg is full of fats and proteins which are a great moisturizer.


Healthy hair needs a moisturizer thus it is essential for hair growth. The entire egg can be used to condition a normal hair while the white part of an egg is used to cure greasy hair. The egg yolk is used to treat dry and brittle hair.


Aloe Vera

It can be acquired at home whereby you have kitchen gardens or a small flower garden. The juice is very effective as it stops hair loss. The pure Aloe Vera oil can be directly applied to the scalp as the effects will be noticed more when done that way.


Aloe Vera prevents hair loss caused by the infected, irritated or dry scalp. An advantage of Aloe Vera is that it balances the PH of the scalp.



It contains L-cysteine a powerful anti-oxidant which provides strength, volume, and shine to hair. Mayonnaise is the most common homemade treatment used to restore moisture and shine to your locks. It solves most cases of people with damaged and dry hair.


It has 3 main ingredients that are useful like oil, vinegar, and eggs.It is easily available at home as it is usually used for kitchen cooking purposes. Mayonnaise also rejuvenates hair by providing nutrients not found in commercial conditioner.



While taking a lot of honey during breakfast, you should save some and preserve it for your hair. Honey works as a moisturizer and due to its viscous nature, it tends to trap moisture that is essential for the hair thus it can be called a natural humectant.


Brittle and dry hair should use the honey more often. After washing the hair with honey, make sure you rinse it and you can wash it away with some shampoo.



This is a leaf that can be found growing among other trees in your home compound. It is high time you identify how the leaf looks like and put it to work immediately. It is used as a rinse and prevents hair loss, improves the scalp's general immunity and health, prevents flaking and dryness.


In conclusion, natural products are the best and effective for a good scalp. So why should you buy the expensive luxury brand to improve hair growth or combat hair loss?

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