9 Tips to Give Her the Best Night Satisfaction

Let’s face it; every straight man wants his sexual partner to think and believe that he is the best when it comes to making love. However, nobody wants to admit that he is not that good in bed, and most men usually believe that they are much better than they are.


Whether you are that good or only think you are, the fact is that there is always some room for improvement. There is always something more than you can do to make your lovemaking special.​

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Here is a list of a few tips which, if well implemented, will guarantee that your sex partner has the best night satisfaction.​



We have heard that foreplay is important but very few men understand what foreplay involves. The idea of foreplay is to heighten expectations in preparation for actual sex.

The best foreplay starts before you have sex. For instance, if you plan to have sex in the evening, foreplay can begin as early as that morning.


You can drop her little hints like a long kiss before you leave for work, regular texts throughout the day with subtle sexual undertones, etc. the idea is to get her thinking about you and sex simultaneously.


Talk to Her

Start talking to her before actual sex and keep going even during intercourse. Most women feel shy to express her desire during sex or what she likes her partner to do. Talking to her, she might just reveal what she wants you to do and thereby increase the satisfaction for her.

Talk to Her


Pay Attention

Instead of focusing on your needs, try focusing on hers for a change. Whether consciously or subconsciously, your partner will keep dropping hints on what they want you to do, and it is only by paying attention that you can find these places and satisfy her better.


Women need more time to reach the climax through sex, and most have specific areas on their bodies that are most erotic. If you pay attention during sex, you will quickly learn these parts and then concentrate on them.


Keep Your Clothes on for a While

Instead of taking off all your clothes all at once, try taking them off slowly one piece at a time as you make out or kiss. Touching each other with your clothes on and undressing slowly while doing so increases expectations and the excitement as well.

Keep Your Clothes on for a While


Take a Hint

There are some obvious signals beyond the control of women who can let you know whether she is enjoying or not. For instance, her nipples get firm, and she gets wet. These two indicate she is having a good time.

Take a Hint


Change of the Scene

If she is your regular sex partner, and you always have sex in the same places, try doing it in a new place this time. You may book a hotel room somewhere for the special night. The change of scene furthers her excitement and makes her feel special.



Be Romantic

Women easily succumb to romantic gestures since they are more emotionally invested in sex, and the gestures make them feel loved.

The list of romantic things that you can do is almost endless and depends on your imagination; although you should imagine regarding her favorite things that you know she loves.


Dim lights, candles around the bed, smooth background music; these are just but a few of the things you can do.


Penile Hygiene

This is a sensitive area, and many couples are never quite comfortable talking about. However, you should know for a fact that your penile hygiene can deduct from your sexual pleasure.

penile hygiene

For instance, if it’s not that clean, oral sex may fly right out the window or would be quite a turn off for your partner.


Oral Sex

Most women enjoy oral sex much more than they enjoy actual sex. In fact, it is much easier to lead a woman to orgasm by licking her clitoris than it is through penetration. Unfortunately, most men are not quite comfortable with performing this.

Some women also don’t like men looking at their vagina. If you are in this category, you can try doing it in the dark or the presence of very dim light. That way you will be less uncomfortable, yet she will enjoy it just as much.

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