The Idea

Welcome to! The idea behind this effort was to create a site that would help to educate individuals about important health and fitness topics.

We wanted to build a site that helped individuals learn more about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle and make better choices in what they eat, how they live, and how they care for themselves.

The Beginning

At the beginning of this website, we wanted to make it as simple as possible to learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

We set out to do extensive research on what other platforms had to offer, and we came up with a solution - create a site that made it simple for individuals to learn more about how they should live a healthier lifestyle and provide the best advice on how to achieve sound health.

Our Mission

Our mission here at is to ensure that individuals have all the information, resources, and tools they would need to improve their overall health and fitness level.

We want to help inform individuals through useful content to teach them how to eat healthier, participate in fitness, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Our Team


David Lewis, Founder

My name is David Lewis, and I am the founder of I currently reside in Maryland with my beautiful wife Elizabeth and we have one child. I was always passionate about living a healthy lifestyle from the moment I realized how beneficial it was.

The love I have for living a healthy lifestyle has only grown over time, as I want to share that passion with others.

I wanted to dedicate that passion into helping others become more educated about the benefits associated with living a healthy lifestyle, following nutritional advice, and practicing a fitness routine.

My dream is to have be the number one resource to learn more about how to improve your lifestyle and live a healthy life.

Helen Bergman, Chief Editor

My name is Helen Bergman, and I am the Chief Editor at I met David, back in 2016 and realized that I also had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle. When I was growing up, I found it difficult to find useful resources on how to live a healthy lifestyle until I found


Suddenly I stumbled on and met David. When I learned about his passion for living a healthy lifestyle I thought to myself, “I’m extremely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle as well!”

I have always been passionate about writing about the benefits of healthy living since my childhood. In 2017 David asked me to join as a Chief Editor. And I took that opportunity, and since then I’m working as a Chief Editor here.

My primary goal was to guide individuals to the most nutritional food to eat and educate them on how they can enhance their lives and live a healthier lifestyle.

How Can You Help Us?

There are several ways you can help us at The first way you can help us is to let us know about some topics that you want on Are you curious about the nutritional benefits of certain foods and want us to do an in-depth dive on it? Let us know!

Are you passionate about helping individuals with comprehensive guides and how-tos? If so, we’d love to have you on as a contributor. Check out our editorial guidelines to see how you can help us to grow!