About Us

Welcome to TheHealthWire.com. This website is all about health and fitness! You know, everyone wants to, need to care his/her health, to live a happy life. And who doesn’t know that proverb ‘a sound mind lives in a sound body.’ That’s where I came with this site. To help you with my knowledge about how you take care of your health and how to keep your fitness even on your worst day!

David Lewis

Who am I?

My name is David Lewis. I’m the founder of TheHealthWire.com. I’m a health and fitness enthusiast, and I would love to share my knowledge with you.

I live in California. I have two adorable children and most gorgeous woman in the Earth as my wife! We live in a peaceful harmony. Thanks to my knack about health and fitness!

It started when I was young. And that lead me the happiest life that I can have! I’m proud that now I can help many people with my knowledge to guide them towards a better life. And that satisfaction is enough to live!

Now! let me introduce Florence Lilley, the editor in chief of TheHealthWire.com.

Hello, I’m Florence Lilley and I’m 33 years old women from Ohio. I have completed my graduation in human nutrition from Ohio State University.

I’m here with TheHealthWire.com since 2016. From the beginning, I’m on a mission to give you simplified and actionable health and nutrition advice to the people.

Why TheHealthWire.com?

You may know that, every health and fitness products are not for everyone! Different people need a different types of products according to their need. In this site, we have tried to categorize all those products and reviews to help you to find your perfect match that your body require.

You can help us too!
We’re always trying to meet user expectation. And in this sector, your specialty is appreciated. We love to hear your feedback to make it better. And that will help far more people too! You can contact us here.