5 Negative Effects of Alcoholism on Women’s Body and Mind

Many people often confuse the term alcoholism with alcohol abuse, and this is mainly because they are rather similar in the effects. The only difference is that with alcohol abuse, the people have the ability to regulate their use whereas in alcoholism this is not possible.


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Women are also affected by this, and this often means that they need the help that they deserve so that they are rehabilitated to the way they once were. The causes of alcoholism are many and vary based on the women that are in question.

Factors That Cause Alcoholism in Women

  • Genetics
  • How one is raised
  • Social environment that one lives in
  • Emotional health

The main task is to find out that you have the problem, and this is mostly the difficult part. Several things can tell whether or not you are an alcoholic. All these are however dependent on the type of personality that you have.

For instance, if you are not a social person then you will have to determine this by yourself but on the other hand, if you have a lot of friends then you can get the information based on their judgment.

How to Know Whether You Are an Alcoholic

  • If you have guilt or shame about your drinking
  • If you lie about your drinking habits
  • If you have people, who express concern over your drinking
  • If you drink alcohol so that you get to feel better
  • If you forget everything that you did while you were drinking
  • If you drink more that the regular

The effects that come with alcoholism might not be directly visible to the people who are drinking. Therefore, it might take quite some time before they know that they are messing up their lives. Effects of alcoholism include:


Negligence of Responsibilities

This is often the most common effect that alcoholic women suffer from. Since they spend most of their time drinking, they rarely get the chance to carry out their day to day activities, therefore, proving to be very irresponsible.


Time is often limited to women who are alcoholic therefore they take advantage of whatever chance they get so that they take alcohol.


Using Alcohol in Dangerous Situations

Most women who are alcoholic are likely to use the drug in dangerous situations without the fear of an accident happening.

One of the most popular situations that the women do this is driving while drunk. This is something that exposes them to great risk both with their lives and legally.


There is some machinery that requires very delicate handling therefore by using them while drunk accidents are likely to happen.


Repeated Legal Problems

The most popular legal problems that women usually get themselves in is driving while under the influence of alcohol. 

Repeated Legal Problems

These are some of the things that should be able to pass the message that taking alcohol is dangerous and that one needs to stop.


Ruined Relationships

This is another popular reason why most couples break. When a woman is not able to handle her alcohol then she is likely to fail in handling her relationships, therefore, the ruined relationships.


This includes the fact that the husbands are likely to fight with them because they spend more time drinking than with the family.


Drinking to Relax

This is often where the highway to alcoholism starts and people fall for it. Getting to believe that you need alcohol so that you get the chance to soothe yourself is misplaced. One of the best examples is drinking after each fight a woman has with her spouse.


All these are some of the effects that alcoholics face, but there are several ways that people can also treat the problem.

Treating Alcoholism


Admitting That You Are an Alcoholic

This is often the most difficult thing to do but once the women get to admit then the rest is child’s play.



Staying Sober

For the alcoholics, this might seem like a jail term but in the long run, they can get it done as long as they have dedication.

Staying Sober
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