How to Avoid Infection around Hair Shaft or Pore?

Every skin disease has different features. Some skin diseases associated with infection around your hair follicles. You need to identify this disease and take proper medication without delaying. Because; this disease may turn into a complex one; then the cure will be very tough.


Accordingly; you need to be very careful about this disease and take proper action to get rid of this disease. Be very cautious of the very elementary stage. Folliculitis can be considered as an infection around your hair follicles.

This disease can affect anyone at any age or any male or female. It is such a skin disorder, which mainly causes inflammation around your hair follicles. In this disease, bacteria attack your hair follicle and turn it into folliculitis.

hair follicle

White and red rashes are the symptoms of these diseases. If you have cancer, HIV, hepatitis or diabetes, you may be affected by this disease. However, any person can be affected by this common skin disease.​

Folliculitis may develop any place of your body. Arms, armpits, legs, and the scalp are the places where this disease may develop. In the case of men can be affected by this disease as they shave their face.​

On the other hand, if you delay, your disease may be complicated to get healed. And it will take much more time to get recovery as well as for procrastinating; you may develop some ugly dark spot in your face, which is very disappointing for you.​


Other places of your body may be affected by Folliculitis; such as the face, thighs, or the groin. This disease can be cured entirely, but it may be a matter of long time process.​

Hair produces as of a follicle. Every of your hair has a sebaceous gland which discharges oil to lubricate your skin as well as the hair shaft. When your hair follicles get blocked, then a virus, bacteria, fungus, and various germs attack, and your hair shaft becomes infected by infections then it is called folliculitis.​

Also if you have inflammatory skin, if your skin wounds, if your skin becomes excessive rubbing due to blunt blade during shaving, if you wear tight clothing, if you use such a swimming pool that uses chlorine, if you apply such substances and chemicals that don't suit your skin and lastly if you have HIV or diabetes because your skin cannot be infections.​


The initiation of Folliculitis may include various reasons, such as, if you have excessive perspiration, and it blocks your follicles. There are two types of folliculitis; such as deep folliculitis and superficial folliculitis.

Deep Folliculitis and Superficial Folliculitis

Deep Folliculitis Can Be Categorized into These Types:

  • Gram-negative Folliculitis
  • Barber's Itch
  • Boils and Carbuncles
  • Eosinophilic Folliculitis

Superficial Folliculitis Can Be Categorized into These Types:

  • Pseudomonas Folliculitis
  • Tinea Barbae
  • Pityrosporum Folliculitis
  • Herpetic Folliculitis

To avoid folliculitis skin disease, you need to develop your awareness as well as some preventive measures; such as you need to wear loose clothing during hot weather or summer; because tight clothing is very bad for your skin.


Before shaving, you need to be very care full about the blade, and it should not be blunt and clean. Before using swimming pool or bath tub, you need to use neat and clean bath tub or swimming pool and try to avoid commercial swimming pool.​

You should not use others staff especially clothing or towel or bad shit. You should not get close to such a person who has already been suffering from skin diseases; as, skin diseases are highly contagious.​

Don’t worry regarding folliculitis; because, folliculitis is not a grave infection, but if you neglect this folliculitis, you will have to suffer a lot in the long run. It is highly advised that you must keep up good hygiene always; as it has no alternative to keep yourself healthy and keep away from various diseases.​

Final Words

If you already have affected by folliculitis, you need to use neat and clean clothes, and you need to wash your clothing with warm water and powerful antiseptic cleansing agent. You must not use any oil on your skin. You must consult with a doctor.​

To conclude, the treatment of folliculitis will be determined by your skin condition. You must consult with the dermatologist to get rid of it and to get proper medication. You should not try to cure folliculitis by yourself.​

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