Best Cheap Running Shoes in 2017 – Guide & Review

You probably came across this article because you have plans of getting a new pair of kicks, specifically, shoes for running. You have just landed at the perfect site where you can find tips and recommendations for the best cheap running shoes.


Yes, there are shoes that will not cost you an arm and leg but are best used for road runs. Running shoes tend to be pricey because they are constantly exposed to wear and tear, and if you compare them with regular sneakers or any plain rubber shoes, durability matters.

We have compiled the top 10 best cheap running shoes that can serve as your guide in deciding which pair and what brand or what features to consider before buying. Hopefully, you would have already made your choice by the time you finish going through the reviews of each of these pairs.

ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

Best Cheap Running Shoes Comparison Table



Product Name






ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe


Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

Mesh & Synthetic


3 pounds


check price
ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe


Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe



3 pounds


check price
ASICS Women’s GEL-Contend 3 Running Shoe


Women’s GEL-Contend 3 Running Shoe

Textile & Synthetic


3 pounds


check price
ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4 Running Shoe


Men’s GT 1000 4 Running Shoe



4 pounds


check price


Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer



3 pounds


check price
ASICS Men’s Gel-Sonoma 2 Running Shoe


Men’s Gel-Sonoma 2 Running Shoe

Textile & SYnthetic


12 ounces


check price
Tesla Men’s Lightweight Sports Running Shoe


Men’s Lightweight Sports Running Shoe



5 ounces


check price


Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes





check price
New Balance Women’s W650V2 Running Shoe

New Balance

Women’s W650V2 Running Shoe

Fabric &


9 ounces


check price
ASICS Men’s FuzeX Lyte Running Shoe


Men’s FuzeX Lyte Running Shoe

& Leather


3 pounds


check price

Reviews of the Best Cheap Running Shoes

To help you finding the right pair of shoes for your flat feet, we’ve compiled a list of the most suitable shoes at the right prices. The list includes shoes for men and for women too.​

In the terminologies related to the patters of running, there is a term called ‘pronation’ that describes how a runner’s foot rolls in between the footfall and toe-off. Another condition in running is ‘underpronation’ which happens when the foot rolls outwards.

ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

On the contrary, ‘overpronation’ is a condition that happens when the foot rolls inwards. A neutral running pattern is when there is minimal rolling of the feet. Given these various patterns, it is important to match your shoe’s properties with your running style to increase comfort, minimize risk injury and increase running efficiency.

The GEL-5 Venture offers everyday comfort and a great fit. This product has been getting pretty good reviews on its quality, not just for road running but also for trail run. Its weight is 10.7 oz.

It is made of synthetic mesh to allow air or water to pass through. When doing a trail run, sometimes your shoes get soaked in water or sweat. So a good synthetic mesh should be able to keep water from staying in the shoes and still gives your feet a dry feeling during and after the run.

This shoe also has a removable sockliner that is helpful for the medical orthotic. Another one of the GEL-5 Venture features is the Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System. The Rearfoot GEL cushioning reduces the level of shock during an impact and it also provides a smooth transition to mid-stance.

This is one important consideration when choosing your running kicks because the cushioning can be one big factor that makes or breaks your running pattern.

​The trail-specific outsole of GEL-5 Venture has reversed traction lugs for better grip and allows better uphill and downhill traction for effective running in various terrain types. Road running is no problem because you only hit a flat surface, but trail running lets you experience challenges with different landscapes, so the outsole must be durable enough for a rough ground.

The AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) outsole is another product feature that is designed on the critical areas of the outsole for excellent durability.​


  • The GEL-5 Venture has a snug and precise fit and support.
  • There are different color schemes to choose from.
  • Sturdiness and durability of this shoe were especially highlighted by many users.
  • The grip of the outsole is very efficient.
  • The toe box is spacious enough to accommodate natural toe splaying.
  • Even if the shoe is meant for trail running, the traction tread of the outsole is also good for pavement running.


  • Some of the stitched sections could easily fall apart after a month of iuse.
  • The rubber outsole gets detached from the platform.
  • For some runners, the GEL-5 Venture is quite narrow and some find the shoe quite heavy to carry.

Overall, the ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe is still a good choice for both trail and road running. When looking for great comfort, fit and durability, you can never go wrong with it. It has the versatility of running shoes for various types of surfaces.​

The ASICS Women’s Gel Venture 5 running shoe is pretty much the same as that of the men’s version, with its product details and features being the same. One of their main differences is the weight. Women’s GEL Venture 5 weighs 8.9 oz. for a size 7 shoe size while the men’s version weighs about 10 oz.

ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

Just like the men’s GEL Venture 5 running shoe, the women’s version is also ideal for trail running and running on pavement as well. For women athletes or those who are planning to get a new pair that you can use to venture the outdoors, this trail running shoe may just be what you are looking for.

The neutral support is best used for medium to high arches, supination and under-pronation. Supination refers to the outward roll of the foot when you run at a regular motion.

A natural amount of supination happens when the foot pushes itself off the surface with the heels lifting off the ground while the toes and forefeet are used to move the body forward.


  • It is designed with a breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays for a tight support. The lace-up closure makes it easy for you to adjust its tightness on your feet.
  • If you’re looking for more signs of comfort, this shoe has padded collar and tongue for an easy run. Moreover, it has a pull loop on the heel so you can easily wear and remove shoes.
  • Just like the men’s version, it also features Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System for shock absorption. To add to its shock absorption feature is the molded EVA midsole that also offers lightweight cushioning.
  • It has the AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) that is strategically located in certain critical areas of the outsole for added durability.
  • There is more to comfort and durability of the women’s version of GEL-5 Venture. If you talk about flexibility, the vertical and horizontal flex grooves are there for a smoother stride and improved flexibility.


  • One of the downsides of the ASICS Women’s GEL Venture 5 running shoe according to many runners who have tried using it is that the stitched sections has a tendency to be easily removed after several uses.
  • Also, the rubber outsole can possibly be removed from the platform especially if being used more often for trail running.
  • The thing about GEL-5 Venture is that the entrance is narrow so it only makes a great fit for those with narrow feet. The insole seems to be a common concern of the runners who have tried using this, although comfort and durability are no question.

Given that the pros obviously outweigh the cons, it’s not bad to give this shoe a try. The regularity of using the shoes is actually one big factor even if the shoe in general is of good quality. The ASICS GEL Venture 5 is still a highly recommended running shoe for hitting the terrains of just running on the pavement.​

If you are just starting out in running either as a form of exercise of gearing up for more serious athletic involvement, you can start out with an entry-level pair of running shoes like the ASICS Gel-Contend 3 model. This design is known for impressive cushioning and a great fit, so it makes a good starter for low mileage runners.

ASICS Women’s GEL-Contend 3 Running Shoe

If you are a runner who does minimal rolling or a neutral pattern when running, this is the perfect shoes for you. You can definitely rely on this shoe for medium to high arches, supination and under-pronation. It is important that you learn to identify your running style to match the right kind of shoes for you.

In addition to getting the right shoe properties for running, you can adjust your level of comfort and running efficiency as well as reduce the risk of getting injured.

This all-new version of GEL-Contend 3 is back with a more improved performance. Like most ASICS running shoes, this shoe features Rearfoot Gel cushioning technology and has a width-specific design.


  • When it comes to affordability, you can never argue with the price relative to quality.
  • The color schemes of the Gel-Contend 3 are more outstanding than the overly bright neon colors of most ASICS shoes.
  • Runners will feel a more comfortable fit because of its width-specific feature designed to adjust to foot size for an adequate fit. So, there will be no feeling discomfort due to tightness.
  • The lightly padded tongue and collar are very helpful features of the shoe during running.
  • The shoe is lightweight to carry that even a runner that weighs more than 200 lbs may still be able to handle or carry their fully body weight during running.
  • The mid-sole unit is one feature that will surely be appreciated by runners because they enhanced level of comfort and good cushioning system that will make them last throughout their running.
  • The insole is especially an excellent feature because it can deliver superb contoured support to the curves of your underfoot.
  • There are reviews saying that this shoe does not easily gather dirt.


  • There are mentions that the toe box is quite narrow.
  • When it comes to finding the right size, it may be a half size smaller than your usual shoe size.
  • The rear part of the upper unit tends to be bit elevated for some runners and can also possibly run disturbingly against the Achilles tendon.

For first time runners, the Gel-Contend 3 may not be a bad choice after all. In the first place, it was specifically designed for newbies or low mileage runners. Many runners actually preferred this model among the ASICS running shoes. It may have a few drawbacks, but the overall quality is impressive and the price is not bad considering that this is intended for entry-level runners.

ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4 Running Shoe

In your search for the best running kicks that fit your feet best as well as your running style, you may be overwhelmed to find out that there are indeed some shoes with outstanding features just like the ASICS GT-1000 4 model.

This is the fourth model in the line of GT-1000 ASICS running shoes and it is backed with a new upper coupled with carefully designed mesh and some minimal but all-encompassing overlay support.

Let us identify the different featured systems or technology in the GT-1000 4:

  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System: It works to decrease the level of shock during an impact and allows for more flexibility in running on different planes as the foot switches through various paces.
  • Guidance Line: The vertical flex groove is designed to improve efficiency in running style.
  • Trusstic System: This technology works to lighten the weight of the sole while keeping the structural reliability of the shoes.
  • Speva Midsole Material: It keeps the midsole from breaking down and lets you bounce back from a toe-off during running.
  • Durasponge Outsole: This technology is designed to enhance cushioning and durability in the forefoot because of the AHAR rubber component.
  • AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber): This rubber outsole is placed in critical parts of the outsole for added durability.
  • Duomax Support System: Another midsole technology with dual-density feature designed to increase support and stability.


  • The cloth-like characteristic of the upper unit lets the foot move freely and naturally.
  • The wide array of vibrant color options is appreciated by those who have specific preferences.
  • The wide-specific toe box make it easy for the toes to breathe inside and its space was wide enough for natural toe-splaying.
  • Many runners who have used this shoe experience a great deal of comfort.
  • The Gel Cushioning System is able to deliver enhanced cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Runners with over-pronated foot are able to regulate their pronation with the mid-foot stability system.
  • Runners praise the shoe for its versatility as it delivers well during moderate distance running.
  • Its lightweight characteristic gained recognition. Runners didn’t feel the weight of the shoe dragging them down.
  • The rubber outsole’s traction was proven to be reliable.


  • The toes have a tendency to hit or touch the upper fabric more often so it may eventually form holes on the shoes.
  • The rubber material on the outsole has a tendency to peel off that may reduce traction (depending on the usage and frequency of use).
  • While most runners who tested this shoe claim comfort, some noted that they are experiencing discomfort in their heels and knees during running or training.

The ASICS GT 1000 4 is a lightweight running shoe that can be relied upon for a good run on pavements or the terrain. The price can range from $40 to $100, but deciding to get a pair of this shoe should give you a good bang for the buck.

Professional athletes like runners definitely know what they need in a good quality pair of shoes in their sports or training. Women runners would primarily opt for lightweight material for a longer stride. If you are basically into running kicks that have super light feature, you can consider the Gusto Cross Trainer.

Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer

Its lightweight design lets you easily increase your pace when doing long runs or also when doing training. This shoe features a durable upper, padded collar, laces for a tight fit, soft lining, and great insole cushioning for comfort and also comes with a non-marking outsole.

There are many different colors to choose from with the Gusto Cross Trainer. The lightest and dainty-looking colors include fuschia, turquoise, coral grey and grey coral. If you want the safer colors, you will find various shades of black, grey and blue in pretty designs.

So, this shoe is perfect for women who don’t only consider quality but also attractiveness of the shoe as you can choose a fashionable-looking color to the basic ones.

You might have questions about the basics of a running shoe. Well, to satisfy your search for answers, here are some common FAQs:

  • Is it waterproof?
    -- No, the Gusto Cross Trainer is not waterproof, so when it rains and gets soaked, water goes through the shoes.
  • Is there traction for hiking?
    -- This is perfect for gym use and good for running, too. However, they’re not advisable to be used for hiking or trail running as it does not have the right traction needed for more rigorous activities.
  • Is it good to use for use when engaging in aerobics?
    -- Yes, it is best for aerobics use because it keeps the foot firm amidst all the movements


  • One of the main features of this shoe is its lightweight design that allows for maximum comfort when worn.
  • The memory foam can definitely prevent from any pain that may be experienced on the ankle.
  • Because it is lightweight, the ankle movement is a lot easier with minimal feeling of tightness.


  • While this shoe is lightweight, it does not have friction over surfaces because of the lack of traction. It even slides on concrete. So, it is not safe wearing it when the floors or the concrete is wet as you will be prone to a risk of danger from slipping.

We recommend this shoe for women who prefer a regular treadmill or aerobics exercise at the gym or even on running for 2 to 3 days every week. The shoe is usually sold at a reasonable price. When it comes to durability, it is durable. When talking about comfort, it is also comfortable to wear.

The fit feels true to your actual size when worn. But when you are in for a more vigorous training like that of trail running that requires pacing through terrains, this shoe may not be the best one to use.​

The outdoors is a big playground for those who are into all sorts of adventures and athletic activities. There are runners who want to go beyond running on regular pavements, so they engage in a more challenging trail running.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Sonoma 2 Running Shoe

Getting into this kind of sports is no joke, as you have to brave the terrains of the forest or the mountains to get to the finish line. So, when you engage into trail running, having the right kind of shoes is a great start to get you geared up.

If you are scouting for the perfect shoes for your outdoor sports, make the GEL-Sonoma a part of your choices. Released last spring and summer of 2016, this footwear type is categorized under off road or trail.

The 3 main manufacturer colors are snorkel blue, apricot and black. It is a universal trail shoe designed with aggressive rubber outsole for increased traction. As with any ASICS running or trail shoe models, this one also boasts of the following shoe technology:

  • Speva Midsole Material – enhances bounce-back feature and reduces midsole breakdown.
  • AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) – rubber outsole placed in the crucial areas of the outsole for extraordinary durability.
  • Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System – minimizes the effect of shock in an impact and guides the runner to a smooth transition to mid-stance.
  • Trail Specific Outsole – the outsole has reversed lugs specifically designed for uphill and downhill traction on various terrain types.
  • Mesh structure – for lightweight feel and breathability.
  • Synthetic leather overlays – provides structural support and abrasion resistance.
  • California Slip Lasting – upper is stitched on an EVA board and attached directly to the midsole for comfort and stability.
  • 3M Reflective – reflective material attached to the shoe for night safety.
  • Trustic System – decreases the weight of the sole as it retains the structural disposition of the shoe.


  • The upper unit does not rub against the skin, so it prevents blisters and irritation.
  • The overall physical look of the shoe is visually attractive.
  • The mid-sole unit is able to provide enough support to those with supinated foot pattern.
  • The lugged outsole made it easy for runners to traverse the terrains as it gives strong surface traction.
  • The rubber outsole does not easily wear off.
  • Many runners agree that this shoe is priced reasonably.


  • The lateral front part of the upper unit can begin to form a hole after regular use.
  • The rubber material on the side may possibly start to wear off easily.
  • Some runners feel that the fit is not true to its size.

When scouting for good trail shoes, always consider cushioning, responsiveness and support. Be on the lookout for trail-ready outsole. You can’t actually go wrong with the GEL-Sonoma for trail running. It will definitely deliver and take your trail running experience to a great one.

Running is a very healthy exercise to engage in. It improves stamina and gets the blood circulating. It is not necessarily a strenuous kind of exercise as you can run at your pace and time.

Regular running eventually lets you increase your pace and endurance. Normally, runners start out on flat surfaces and then try pavements, but in the long run, the challenge is on for those wanted something more adventurous like trail running.

Tesla Men’s Lightweight Sports Running Shoe

If running is becoming a regular activity, one thing you need to make sure is having a pair of exceptional quality running shoes. There is more to the vibrant colors and fashionable design of shoes.

More importantly, it is all about quality and durability and great support for an athletic activity like running. This is where your knowledge of the best running shoes should come in, and this is where Tesla Men’s Sports running shoe also comes in.

This shoe model is functionally hybrid-designed that is intended for running and other types of sports. A lightweight design is meant for added reinforcement to easily pick up the pace without having the need to drag the foot. The foot’s natural movement is optimized in a supportive fit for greater flexibility and increased traction.

There are many reasons to like this shoe. One is its lightweight breathable mesh upper that is crafted for a barefoot feel that allows more foot strength by working the tendons and muscles. Natural range of motion is also attributed to the deep flex grooved outsole. Other features are listed below:

  • Vent mesh (specialized dual structure) – allows for breathability and quick drying from sweat or any intrusion of liquid form like rainwater. The dual structure is for dynamic mobility.
  • Synthetic skin suede – increases resistance from getting saturated as well as durability.
  • Flex grove (flexible movement-flex groove sole) – designed with a hydro-grip outsole for excellent traction and stability suitable for all types of terrains and surfaces. The cushioned insole and multi-directional flex groove is intended for stability and balance.
  • Dura glide (excellent durability EVA midsole) – the shoe is manufactured with thermoplastic polymer with advanced technology for a stronger midsole and to reduce stiffness.


  • It boasts of giving the runners the closest feel to running barefooted and experiencing a bare minimum in protection.
  • It gives increased resistance.
  • It’s very durable.
  • It offers excellent traction.
  • It’s lightweight.


  • It may not be recommended for trail running as it is designed primarily for sports activities and running on pavements.
  • It may even possibly break apart easily when worn for rigorous types of sports.

​This shoes may not exactly be for all kinds of running but if what you want is a lightweight shoes with an ergonomic design, this shoe may work for you.

You know you need a new pair of running shoes when discomfort starts to develop while using your shoes for running. We all want a bang for the buck when shoe shopping, especially if it is running shoes we plan to buy.

Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes

Good quality running shoes can be costly, but there must be some good ones out there that can give a good value for your money without the need to sacrifice on quality as well. It just takes a good research and comparison of the shoes available in stores.

Good quality running shoes can’t only be found from one or two big brands, but on other brands you may not have heard of before or you rarely hear. One of these top cheap running shoes is Onemix Men’s running shoes.


  • It offers extra comfort on the feet. By super comfort, it means having the features of a soft deodorant insole for extra cushioning, wafle rubber outsole for increased traction and 360 air cushion sole for added cushioning technology and anti-slip system.
  • The shoe is also lightweight that weighs 0.8377 lbs for a size 10 (for 1 piece) and 0.8818 for a size 11 (for 1 piece).
  • When it comes to durability, you can tell if a good shoe has durable components or not. Check out the rubber insole, midsole and outsole material of the shoe. Onemix uses materials that are obtained from the best suppliers in China, and with specific choice on quality: no glue, no threads.
  • Other than running, it can also make a great walking shoe. However, some reviews mention that this may not be completely perfect for running because of its lightweight material, so it functions best for walking and casual wear. It delivers without the exaggeration of a price that is somewhere around $60 to $70.


  • Don’t expect much with the arch support though. There is minimal to no arch support with this shoe. So, if you are flat footed, this may not be advisable for you to wear, not when you plan to use it on a regular basis.

The package includes a pair of Onemix running shoes, a pair of Onemix socks and extra shoelace. Manufacturer offers a three-month quality warranty. It comes in various colors and designs of fashionable look.

Overall, there is not much fuss about this shoe but it can brag about its lightweight air cushioning technology being the primary feature. Most reviews from users who have tried it never fail to mention comfort, weight and shoe quality.

Others who are skeptical about the shoes because of its lightweight feel are proven otherwise after giving a try. They found it to be stiff and sturdy which makes it great and sturdy for walking and cross-training. They are surprised by how the shoes have unexpectedly delivered what they were not really expecting.

You may already be a loyalist of a certain shoe brand for running or walking, but consider going out of your comfort zone and find out what the others have been raving about.

New Balance is another brand to consider when we talk about quality shoes with the best prices. It has been a trusted brand by many athletes worldwide because they have found New Balance shoes to have utmost quality.

The New Balance women’s running shoes are made to support women in their favorite outdoor activities. Combining fashionable look and comfort, the manufacturer has what it takes to create the perfect shoes for women in their every stride.

New Balance Women’s W650V2 Running Shoe

If you are looking into finding the best running shoes under this brand for women, the New Balance W650V2 is included in the list.

This may not be great for hitting the roads or the tracks and the trails, but it can deliver when used for walking or as a casual wear or during cross-training at the gym.

The online reviews will reveal what people have to say about the shoes in terms of functionality, characteristics and quality. The New Balance W650V2 is loaded with features that are made for women to span a complete range of style and support needs.


  • It is perfect for neutral runners. With careful scrutiny of the shoe, you can find the breathable mesh and synthetic upper materials as well as plush tongue and collar.
  • It breathable fabric lining allows for a good in-shoe feel. The foam insole is removable, the foam midsole is low-profile and rubber outsole has good tractions as well.
  • It’s affordable. The price is just right if you are looking for comfortable cross-training shoes. There may be online stores that offer free shipping and this is a great deal already. However, the downside of buying online is the risk of getting a wrong fit, and as some reviews say, this shoe tends not to be true to its size.


  • This shoe may not be best for running. But it will be great for walking.
  • There is not much to highlight in terms of flexibility and shoe technology as this is not primarily designed for the trails. So, you cannot expect those features of water resistance, midsole technology and the like.

The decision to whether or not buy the New Balance W650V2 depends on what you want running shoes for. Definitely, you cannot use this on the terrains, but if you are just into pavement jogging or brisk walking, you might want to give it a try. And as for other women, a fashionable design makes a good factor.

With the New Balance W650V2, the vibrant colors and designs won’t fail your expectations. You can wear it on casual attires and still look chic rather than sporty.

Last spring of 2016, ASICS introduced the fuzeX collection of their running shoes to showcase the marriage of their two proprietary components GEL technology and EVA into an all-new cushioning technology called FuzeGEL. The primary objective was to make the EVA feature into a more responsive cushioning technology.

ASICS Men’s FuzeX Lyte Running Shoe

If you are a fan of this brand, you would definitely understand the features being talked about here. The good thing with ASICS is that it has its own set of shoe systems and technologies to make a difference in their line of running shoes.

With the debut of this new collection, a new product is topping this list of the best cheap running shoes and that is the Men’s FuzeX Lyte running shoes.

The fit of the FuzeX Lyte is true to its size, and an upper that is wide-specific at the forefoot and tapered toward the toe box. The rest of the upper simply has dual density mesh with overlay support. The heel cup looks overbuilt for what should be a lightweight running shoe.​

While the blend of ASICS GEL technology and EVA system may seem overwhelming, on the other hand, it failed to still keep the basics of a running shoe, the reason being is to satisfy the activities of a daily runner.

The manufacturer seemed to have focused a little too much of fusing modern shoe technology that it failed to notice on its flexibility and lightweight comfort such as a snug fit that does not seem to taper off in the mid-foot.​

Probably, the biggest disappointment for this running shoe for men is the weight, as it somehow defies the product line of GEL-cushioned running shoes of the brand. Yet, the price range is fairly acceptable and if you do a very good canvassing online, you might just find very good offers at huge markdowns.​


  • A new cushioning technology is introduced called the FuzeGEL which is a proprietary combination of ASICS Gel cushioning system and the traditional EVA technology.
  • The shoe can smoothly transition from among the different running styles or patterns of runners. So, it should be great for the heel, mid-foot and forefoot gait personality.
  • It has a 6mm heel drop intended for increased paced running.
  • Price can range from $43 to $105 for really outstanding quality shoes.
  • AHAR technology is very reliable as the outsoles do not easily wear off even after regular use.


  • The new FuzeGEL technology tends to get sloppy and too soft when the pace increases because of the low durometer of the EVA material.
  • The shoe fit may not be as comfortable as it should be because it can get sloppy in the mid-foot section.
  • For men’s shoe size of over 10 oz., the shoe tends to add weight, thus heavy when used on the road or over the terrains.

Although it isn’t getting a lot of praises, maybe those who seem to take interest can find out if this shoe is indeed a breakthrough in the shoe technology of ASICS or not.​

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Cheap Running Shoes

We all get pretty excited when it’s time to buy a new pair of kicks. But, before you could have gotten to the mall or the stores to take your pick, make sure that you did your part in doing a thorough research and comparison of the shoes that you prefer to buy. Here are some important considerations to make when looking into getting yourself a pair of running shoes:

  • Lightweight: Yes, this factor is sometimes overlooked but it is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations when buying a running shoe. Your shoes can look fashionable and all that, but if it is heavy on the feet, it will surely tire you out more than you thought you could last for a certain activity.
  • Comfort: By comfort, we mean good air cushioning, good insole and midsole support, well-padded collars and tongue, and a precise fit. If the foot feels uncomfortable with the fitting and insole support, you are prone to experiencing possible knee pains and tiredness of the legs.
  • Exceptional Support System: This factor goes hand in hand with great level of comfort. So, it means as well good cushioning system and midsole material that is built to provide long-lasting quality.
  • Durability: If you want really good running shoes, always be on the lookout for its rubber outsole features. If it is trail running shoes you want, the rubber outsole technology must be durable enough to brave those terrains.

Always do your share in reading reviews in terms of finding the best running shoes. The reviews available here should help give you an idea of what to get and what to consider.

Freqently Asked Questions

  • Should you get a shoe of exactly your normal shoe size?
    Ideally, it is advisable to get a shoe that is at least half an inch bigger than your regular shoe size. This should be enough allowance in the toe box for breathability.
  • How do I know if the shoes are good for walking or running?
    A: It’s always best to ask for details and some explanation from the store in terms of features because they’re expected to know best. But for your basic understanding, any running shoes can be used for walking as well. Trail running shoes can be easily identified with the tractions on their rubber outsoles.
  • Will the insides be soaked if the shoes get wet?
    A: If it does not have water resistance or water proof technology, yes water will get through your shoes. Trail running shoes normally have this kind of feature, but it is not common to be found in cross-training shoes.
  • What shoes have good support?
    A: Always choose the lightweight shoes. Other than helping you pick up your pace in running or jogging, it also reduces any risk of knee or leg pain as you go about your pace or even after your run.
  • What is the cheapest running shoe out there?
    A: It really depends on what kind of shoes you need for the kind of activity you engage in. But the best thing to do is to compare prices of your selected shoes from various stores and then find the one with the best deal.
  • What does c/d mean?
    A: It simply means the width of the shoe. You can refer to the size charts for more detailed shoe size listings. You must be able to identify the perfect size for you. Otherwise, you will possibly experience a nebulous fit of your foot on the shoe.

Final Words

It can be quite overwhelming having to choose the shoes that you think are the best in the market. That is why we have listed down the best cheap running shoes to help you narrow down your choices. If you are confused and unsure which brand or model to buy, just consider the important factors listed above and you should be good to go.

As you go about scouting for a good pair, you will eventually find that perfect pair after trying on a few. It also helps to care for your shoes well to ensure it lasts a long time when you use them for activities like trekking and trail running.

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David Lewis is the Founder of Who is a Health and Fitness enthusiast and love to share what he know about this field. In personal life he is a father of two cute kids and loving husband of a beautiful wife. He love foods and nothing is more important than reading book in his spare time.

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