Causes and Treatments for Premature Aging

Premature aging means aging process progresses unnaturally. Aging is very natural and unavoidable; but if it starts early, it is a matter of great concern and needs to be immediate medication. Premature aging is unnatural speeding up of normal aging process.


Staying under the sunlight for a long time is one of the key reasons for premature aging; as, extreme sunlight causes the emergence of aging spots, it also cut your skin elasticity, develops wrinkles, and drooping skin. There are a lot of factors are directly associated with premature aging, and they are:​

Sunlight is very injurious to your skin; as a significant amount of premature aging process starts due to the effect of sunburn. Sunlight destroys collagen fibers from your skin through oxidation.

aging man

Then flexible collagen fibers turn into rigid, ultimately basic structure of cells become destroyed. Thus, your skin cells become damaged, and wrinkle develops in your skin. Finally, your skin becomes rough and loses its glow.​

Smoking is another key reason that is liable to premature aging; because it initiates fine lines in your skin; especially, in the thin area of your skin, around the eyes and in the upper part of your lip. Premature wrinkles often found in the face of a smoker.

In the case of a smoker, vitamin C level decreases in their blood; it is indeed very bad thing; as vitamin C is essential for skin and its glow; as it produces collagen fibers.​

Smoking, in consequence, causes aged and unsanitary skin. Alcohol causes damage to the skin texture and color and has a substantial impact upon the eye hollows. Having too much alcohol intake causes bulged and it is very detrimental to your skin and health.​

Diet plays a vital role in the case of premature aging. As for instances; if you take such food that has huge sugars, it will make your skin rigid and less elasticity. On the other hand; if you have such food that has protein, it will make your skin fresh.

Vegetables and Fruits contain the huge amount of antioxidants which prevents oxidation; as, due to the influence of oxidation, your skin will be damaged to a great extent.​ Antioxidants reach to your skin layers to reduce the effect of oxidative damage related to expanded contact to sunlight.

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C that produces collagen which is also very vital for your skin. Stress releases stress hormones that accelerate premature aging processes. Lack of physical exercises causes premature aging.

Due to lack of exercise, your life get shortens and increases the risk of obesity and heart disease. Lack of sound sleep makes your skin pale, and it accelerates aging. Depression discharges boost stress hormones, and thus it accelerates the premature aging process.

If the reason of your premature aging is genetic, you have hardly any options to prevent it. These underneath tips of treatment help you to prevent premature aging:​

Non Seriousness

Firstly, natural ways are always better than treatment. You need to confirm sufficient nutrition to your health by having a balanced diet. Give up high fats, sugar, salt because it damages your skin.

Try to have Vitamin A, E, C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Omega-3, 6 essential fatty acids, etc. Try to have a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of exercises are infinite to keep young and fight premature aging.​



Botox may help you to regain you attractiveness and youth. It will remove your facial wrinkles.


Sunscreen Cream or Lotion

Use sunscreen cream or lotion to get rid of premature aging.



Retinoid heals your skin diseases due to premature aging; such as inflammation and tumor. Discolor skin can be healed by the help of retinoid. Thus; it recovers your skin conditions.



This surgical treatment will make your skin brighter, glossy, and smooth and of course, wrinkles free. To removes wrinkles, scars, dark spots due to premature aging, you may choose lasers treatment.


Wrinkle Injections

You may use wrinkle injections that originate collagen; as it is a very important natural element that keeps you protected from wrinkles.

Wrinkle Injections


Use premature aging ointment or similar products that are available in the market to make your skin lovelier and to get rid of wrinkles or dark spot.


Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin treatment is very effective to remove facial wrinkles. This treatment procedure is injectable and very active in case of premature aging.

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