Causes and Treatments of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer originates from the breast tissues, usually from the internal linings of milk channels otherwise lobules that source the channels with milk. It occurs in humans and other mammals and while it’s always most prevalent in females, breast cancer can also be found in males.


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There are numerous causes of breast cancer and most often their treatment depends on the type of cancer that one happens to suffer from.​

It’s always advisable to visit your doctor regularly to help you keep track of your health status to ensure that in case you contract it, it gets diagnosed and treated fast to prevent further harm to the body.​

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Causes of Breast Cancer

It’s difficult to state why it’s possible for some women to get breast cancer yet also impossible for others to get the same. It is the reason why the actual causes of breast cancer have not been actually or fully understood; though some factors are considered the risk factors for the disease.

Age, for instance, is one of the factors that are considered the causes of breast cancer. It is most common in women over 50 years who have been through menopause as eight out of ten such women are diagnosed with the ailment.

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This is why it’s necessary that all women beyond 50 years of age are screened every three years to check for cancer and also to enable early and better treatment.

In cases where one happens to have close relatives who have had breast cancer or ovarian cancer, there is often a higher risk of developing it too as it is possible for the breast cancer to occur more than once in the same family by chance.

As much as breast cancer may not be considered hereditary, it may be transmitted from mother to child. If one also happens to have had previous cases of diagnosis to the disease, it’s possible that they may have it again, and one needs to check with his or her doctors as fast as possible.


The density of the breasts also serves to determine whether or not one is likely to suffer from breast cancer. Women with dense breast tissue are prone to the risks of getting breast cancer since the cancerous cells seem to thrive well in more cell tissues.

Being overweight or obese also increases the chances of getting cancer as more estrogen responsible for the causes of this breast cancer. Being tall beyond average is yet another factor that causes breast cancer and ought to be considered.

Treatments for Breast Cancer

The treatment depends on a lot of factors that always have to be considered. It depends, for example, on the stage and grade of the cancer disease, your general health and whether you have been through the menopause period.

There are various treatment options for the disease, and the most common of these are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and biological therapy.

breast cancer

One may often have either one of these treatments or a combination of them depending on the stage of the particular diagnosis. It always is upon your health care treatment which kind of treatment suits you.

The most common treatment for breast cancer can be surgery and can often be followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy or the other options. Most breast cancers are often discovered in the early stages of the disease before it spreads to other parts of the body.

When discovered after it spreads to other parts of the body, this may be referred to as metastatic or secondary cancer. This is often not curable, and the treatment is given often aims to give a remission where cancer shrinks or disappears making someone feel normal again.


However, it is advisable that one gets to screen cancer at early stages to ensure the chances of secondary cancer do not develop.

That one gets early treatment of the disease instead of the severe cases where the whole breast is removed due to severe injury to the body to the extent that no remedy can be carried out. 

A lot of women fail to know when to go for treatment and wait till the cases grow severe, and no further help can be made or gotten.

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