Common Causes Behind Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is one thing that many people often struggle with. Since hairs grow naturally even in areas we do not feel comfortable with, the best we can do as human beings is removing them whenever we feel it is necessary. There are several reasons behind this.


One of the major causes behind hair removal is the discomfort that is associated with so much hair, especially around unwanted regions. Having too much hair around your eyes isn’t comfortable enough and therefore is very necessary.​

Another major reason for this act is the maintenance of proper hygiene. Long hair can harbor germs or dirt especially if they are unkempt and shaggy. Moreover, hairs around the armpit area are often associated with bad odor and therefore removing them will keep you off from this, ensuring that you remain hygienic all time.

​Another possible cause for hair removal is cutting on unnecessary hair maintenance budget. Keeping long hair requires constant application of hair oils and visiting the salons and barber shops.

cutting on unnecessary hair

​By maintaining a leveled hair, you will have saved quite a considerable amount of money which can be redirected to another channel.

Alternatively, certain people prefer hair removal, those around the head, as it is considered less tedious maintaining short hair compared to having long hair.​

​Long hair requires constant combing and remodeling which may appear hectic, especially if you have to do it on a daily basis. By simply having your hair, clean shaven, you would have avoided much trouble.

​Hair removal is also considered trendy and fashionable. Having your facial hair trimmed to a desirable level is not only appealing to the eye but creates a sense of confidence in you. Shaving your hair in a given design is taken to be stylish as opposed to having on your natural hair without trimming.

​Some people also remove their hair for religious purposes. Certain religious beliefs are opposed to keeping long hair as they consider it ungodly to have much hair as they believe it isn’t anything closer to being holy.


​Many students have also been forced to shave as a mode of punishment. For people who have great value for their hair, forcing them to have it clean shave is considered a gross punishment and they are unlikely to have a repeat of the same. On the other hand, certain people often do this for health reasons.

​There are certain medical complications, like hyperhidrosis, that call for complete hair removal, especially around the head, followed by routine application of certain medication.

​The presence of hair would, therefore, impede the effectiveness of such medical creams. It also promotes enhanced cooling of the skull for that category of individuals.

​Certain people also remove their hair for cultural reasons. In traditional African societies, people were compelled to shave their hair upon the demise of a close relative or an important figure as a mode of showing your last respect to the deceased.


​In other communities embracing pilgrimage, men are forced to cut their hair before embarking on this important rite.

​Hair removal can also occur naturally due to gene disorders or inheritance of bald characteristic. This may make the hair loose at some stage in life and therefore just falling off for no apparent reason. Those suffering from certain diseases may lose their hair without necessarily advocating for it.

​Use of certain chemicals and undergoing some therapies can also cause hair removal without your knowledge. Chemotherapy, a remedy for cancer patients, is often associated with hair loss. This occurs throughout the body and is massive without a regular pattern.

hair removal

​Another common cause of hair removal is an evading infestation of lice, fleas and other parasites associated with long hair. This practice was very common in the Ancient Egypt, and it has always proved effective and relevant for the current generation.

Before major surgeries, removal of hair around the areas to be operated on is advisable. This is often taken as a measure of easing the surgeon’s work as well as a precaution of evading further complications. Some people also advocate for hair removal for professional reasons.​

​This is often rampant among those serving in the military. The motive behind this may be to prevent infestation by parasites.

​Lastly, hair removal has always been used in achieving uniformity among people from different backgrounds. This is always common among those in a particular training session or a learning institution. It portrays a certain level of unity and togetherness among the concerned individuals

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