4 Easy Tips to Build Your Muscles

Are you the type of person who practically lives in the gym, and would rather exchange trips with the family or socializing with friends to take a day to commit to a solid work out? Then you are officially addicted to the gym.


This is not at all a bad thing, in fact, since you are addicted to the gym, working out is like breathing fresh air for you, you cannot breathe without it. You work out religiously every day and have developed that habit of going practically every day, which is good.

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There are actually a lot of ways and techniques that you can build muscle naturally without the help of medication or supplements that can sometimes be harmful to the body.

With the proper food intake and the right amount of hard work you put into constructing your workout for the day, you will be in tiptop shape quicker than you think.

In this article, we have included some effective ways on how you can build muscle the natural way, and how you can accompany it with a good diet that will help you develop your stamina as quickly as possible.

How to Build Muscle?

When it comes to building muscle, there are a lot of ways that you can do this without the help of supplements. Working out the natural way means that you should include food that will help you gain the muscle mass that you need to have a fit and muscular body the right way.

Here are some ways that you can build muscle without the use of drugs or supplements:


Lift Weights Twice Your Size

Have you ever heard that saying, that when you lift weights twice your size, you eventually grow a pound or two of muscle? This is generally what some women will be worried about when they are trying to lose weight but gain muscle.

Since the weights are heavy, they will end up having bulkier arms and legs from lifting really heavy weights. In general, if you are aiming to hit a certain size, developing muscle is as easy as adding a few extra pounds to your daily routines.

The body reacts this way because muscles are stressed and that is what we want. The more stress on your muscles, the more positive the results.


But always remember to switch up your workouts, because your body can get used to the same thing, once the body gets used to the same workout every single day, it will no longer develop stress in the muscle, since your body is starting to get used to the idea of heavy weights. 

You can experiment with the repetitions and the amount of sets in each workout, so as not to reach the workout plateau.


Eat More Protein

Protein is very important, as this is usually what is used to maintain developing muscles. The correct amount of protein in one day should be at least one gram per pound of your body weight.

In general, if you want to achieve faster results, it is always advisable to spread out the amount of protein you eat per day. Recommended food would be Lean red meat: steaks usually. Fish, Chicken, eggs, and etc.


These are all very rich in protein, but be careful not to eat so much as this could lead to some minor health issues. It is always important to maintain a healthy balance between meals, so as not to go overboard.


Manage Stress

Stress is never good for anybody. For a body builder, stress may be good for the muscles, but emotional stress isn't. When stressed, it may be a good idea to channel this into your workout so as not to derail your progress.

Stress can become a huge setback when it comes to the development of muscles, as this can disrupt your muscles from relaxing and growing.


Some causes of these could be vices like drinking excessively, smoking excessively, lack of sleep, arguing, negative thoughts, work pressure and etc. These can all cause high blood pressure, which will prevent blood flow to various parts of your body.


Lift Weights Everyday

when you go to the gym, make sure that you accomplish workout that is best for the whole body, accompanied by at least one day of rest.

lift weight

Remember that while you are sleeping, your muscle develops and grow, and not while you are working out, that is why it is also equally important that you get at least 8 hours of sleep after an intense day at the gym.

Final Words

Building muscle means that you have to dedicate time to working out regularly, failure to do so especially if you are a body builder, will cause your muscles to become out of shape. In order for you to achieve the body that you deserve, you must put in the needed amount of effort.

In conclusion, building muscle is not for everyone. It takes a lot of willpower and discipline to come up with the body that you deserve. Along with working out, you must also have the right diet for you to develop the stamina that you need to help your body grow stronger.

As an athlete, this means that you have to make the conscious effort to working out so that you get a body that you aspire.

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