Expecting Your First Period? − Follow These 5 Tips to Get Ready

The journey of transitioning from a girl to a woman comes with its challenges that you should ensure you are well prepared for. The most common factor that will determine whether or not you have made it is the periods.


There is usually quite a lot of hype about getting the first period, so you have to ensure that you see it coming. It comes with mixed feelings, and you should know that the feelings are not the same for everybody.​

What this early preparation will ensure is that you are confident enough to deal with the first period, therefore, making it important.​

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Signs That Your First Period Is Nearby

  • You have hair both under your arms and around the pubic area.
  • You have a white vaginal discharge. This is normal, and there is no need to raise the alarm.
  • Feeling bloated and cramps in the tummy and the lower back area
  • You have mood swings without any specific reason.
  • Being very sensitive to emotions and temperatures.

Preparation for Your First Period


Do Not Panic

This is usually the most important part. It is a process that every girl out there goes through therefore it is not so bad. You have to be composed so that you get to handle the situation perfectly.


If you are at school, you can just ask a friend for the pad and then return the favor later. Therefore, it is all a matter of improvising.


Seek Information

This is usually the most important part that most girls have to ensure that they do. There are many sources that you can get information from such as the internet, friends, siblings but the people who are usually the most reliable people are mothers.


They are the most reliable mostly because they will give you the information without making you feel embarrassed.


Buy Supplies

The supplies that you are supposed to buy in this case are the pads. You should ensure that the pads that you get are the best so that they can ensure that you benefit most.


The factors that will get to determine this are the size, price, and reliability among many other factors. At times you can even opt to use the reusable so that you benefit from maximum efficiency.


Tell Somebody

It is often said that a problem shared is half solved therefore you have to inform someone who knows more about the periods so that they can keep an eye on you so that they help in making the best decisions.

talk to someone

The best person to tell is usually the mother, but if you are at school, then you should find a good friend that you can rely on.


Learn How to Put on a Pad

This is something that will ensure that you are well placed to handle the periods the moment that they start. This is something that you can do based on the guidelines that are offered by most sites.


This comes as an option for most people who might not feel comfortable sharing this with other people. It is usually better to find yourself in a position to handle yourself so that on the day that the first period comes you can handle yourself better.

Final Words

The internet has been able to ensure that people share this kind of information so that you get all that you need to transition peacefully. If not checked the first period can often cause a lot of damage, therefore, it is very important that you stay at the top of things.

It is often said that when a problem is shared, then it is half solved. The same applies to the first period that most girls get. This information is key to ensuring that you are ready.

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