The First Requirement Towards Fitness: Motivation

There are lots of benefits enjoying physical fitness. Hence, we enroll in fitness programs to have physically fit. However, the real problem is not on the repetitions, routines, diet, and exercise programs. A lot of people struggle to stay in the fitness program.


Accordingly, many aspects are involved in maintaining the fitness process such as schedule, work factor, weather, etc. Motivation is the key factors to continue this fitness program.

This problem is common with all genders. However, men and women have different perspectives when it comes to motivation. For example, according to some studies men are more likely to be motivated by achievement while women are more motivated for personal reasons.​

When it comes to demoralization, guys have driven away due to personal reasons and women lose steam with being displeased with others including the trainer or coach. But, when it comes to fitness training both sexes are treated similarly.​

Motivational Tips Often Overlooked

To specifically determine important ideas to stay fit, one should be able to identify areas for considerations. Some are not only tried and tested ideas but tired as well such as staying in focus, make every activity fun, join a group, etc. But there are other factors which are probably overlooked by some people:


Stay Away From Injury and Illness

Indeed, these two factors affects your motivation especially if it broke your momentum and rested for weeks and even months brought by these two.

Stay Away From Injury and Illness

Therefore, it is wise that you manage well all your fitness activities by proper consultation with your trainer or health and fitness professionals to prevent injuries and stay away from being sick too.


Wear Right Gears 

Some people made mistakes when it comes to dressing up or dressing down when performing a host of activities to stay in their program. For some people, donning layers of apparel to stay warm is their best option.


But, the sweat that accumulates in their shirts, sweats, and jackets compound issue of staying warm during cold days. Thus, sessions are shortened due shivering brought by perspiration and can lead to momentary stoppage of fitness activities until one finds it difficult to recover again.


Think and Act Like an Athlete

This is an answer to questions like how to stay focus, how to ignite your passion. It can be likened to role modeling, but mental images tend to be vague which a lot of people do.

Think and Act Like an Athlete

However, what these do people do not realize is that they are just copying an image, not the whole package. Thus, thinking and acting the way athletes do is a good blueprint to stay motivated always.


Start Small and Accelerate

When you look at some of the fitness programs, reading alone all the activities involve makes one surrenders easily. One of the ways to lose motivation is to embrace everything at once and get tired abruptly. The ideal way is to take small steps and challenge yourself along the way; this is acceleration for you.

Start Small and Accelerate

Give Yourself Time

A lot of people are quick to venture into something with fire and loses it along the way. Probably, they might have observed no significant results yet. Thus, it is vital that one should address the issue by being patient with yourself.

tired man

Do not make a mistake of comparing or contrasting with other people like each one of them have differences such as metabolism, energy, and will.


Punish Yourself

When you forgo or adjust your fitness activity schedule. Instead of rewarding yourself when you adhere to your routines, you might as well sentence yourself to an ordeal each time you defer your fitness schedule.

tire training

Some suggested punishing ideas for you are; take a hike when reporting for work, wash your clothes manually instead of using washing machines etc.

Final Word

This way, you offset time and opportunity losses when you missed on a schedule due to alibis like busy at work, need to visit a friend, need to attend personal matters and so on and so forth.

It is very easy indeed to stay motivated about your health and fitness activities. On top of staying on top through focus, will power, goal setting, the above ideas are also helpful as it specifically addresses overlooked factors about motivating yourself through and through.​

David Lewis

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