5 Ways a Fitness Friend Can Help You to Boost Your Progress

Are you struggling with your motivation to exercise? Are you bored with your own company during your workouts? Are you frustrated with your slow progress? You must find a fitness friend to increase your progress ASAP!


Benefits of Finding a Fitness Friend

When you find the right fitness buddy, your life will better for it. You and your fitness buddy will mutually enjoy these benefits.


Enjoy Fun Workouts

Getting a serious workout doesn’t have to be serious – it can be fun, too! When you have more fun during your workouts, you will look forward to them. Your long-term commitment to fitness becomes stronger, too, because of the fun you’re having.

Enjoy Fun Workouts

Just make sure not to have so much fun that working out becomes a second priority. You and your fitness buddy should enjoy each other’s company yet still pump the machines. You should use the social contact to encourage each other to achieve your goals.


Get Emotional Support

In a Stanford University study, participants who received a phone call every week exercised at the increased level 18 months after the phone calls ceased. The participants were asked several exercise performance-related questions and provided with encouragement.


The takeaway: Getting emotional support from others can contribute to better exercise performance. Even just getting phone calls can do it but face-to-face interactions are better.


Accept New Challenges

Change isn’t always a welcome thing for many fitness enthusiasts. But when you have a fitness buddy, accepting the challenges of change becomes easier. You have a friend who will face the challenges of a new gym or a new workout.

Your ready acceptance of change can also be attributed to your fitness buddy. You have somebody with whom you can discuss your concerns about the change. You have a friend who can provide encouragement during these times, too.

Accept New Challenges

Your fitness buddy will also make it easier to add variety to your workouts. Keep in mind that varying your workouts is a must for many reasons. You can reduce the risks of a fitness plateau, overuse injuries, and boredom.

Of course, you should also be the kind of fitness friend who’s there for your buddy. Just as in any successful relationship, a give-and-take dynamic is a must.


Keep Your Proper form

Keeping a proper form and technique is a must in an effective workout. But since you oftentimes can’t see your own mistakes, you have a fitness buddy for it. You and your buddy can look out for each other’s proper form and make the necessary corrections.

If your fitness buddy is a personal trainer, then you’re in good hands. But if he isn’t, then you can both educate yourself about proper form. Your exchange of ideas will make your workouts better and, thus, improve your results.

Keep Your Proper form

The exchange of ideas can include a wide range of topics, too. These include muscle-building diets and supplements, strength training exercises and equipment, and motivational tools.

The bottom line: Your workouts become safer. You have somebody who will look out for your diet and exercise habits, just as you will for him.


Improve Workouts with Friendly Competition

Most fitness enthusiasts, especially athletes, have a competitive streak. You can blossom, so to speak, with a friendly competition between you and your buddy. You will work harder to come out on top, even exceed your own goals.

But be careful about taking your friendly competition too far. You and your fitness buddy should agree beforehand that it’s a motivational tool. You will both come out winners because you have achieved your individual goals.

Improve Workouts with Friendly Competition

If you still don’t have a fitness buddy, you must start looking for one now. You will enjoy more fun workouts, more challenges, and better results. You may even gain a friend for life, not just a fitness buddy.

Tips on Finding Your Fitness Friend

But for these benefits to come your way, you have to find a suitable fitness buddy. Your relationship in and out of the gym should be amiable, at least, for it to work out. You may even have to put in work into maintaining your good relationship.

You can choose from among your circle of friends or from fellow gym-goers. You must also pour in the time and effort into choosing your fitness friend.

  • Choose somebody you like as a person: You will be spending 30 to 60 minutes with your fitness buddy. You must then actually like him and he must like you, too. You want the workout period to pass by easily.
  • Observe the attitude: You want a fitness friend who has a positive attitude and a friendly demeanor. You also want him to focus on solutions and results, not on the negatives. You can add respectful, dependable and trustworthy into the mix.
  • Ask about the motivation style, fitness goals, and schedule: You and your potential fitness buddy should be compatible in these respects. You may want a perky cheerleader but if he’s a drill sergeant, then it won’t work out. You may want a lean and mean physique but your potential buddy is gunning for yoga flexibility. You may like working out in the morning but he likes it in the evening.

The bottom line: Find somebody you can actually work with in achieving similar goals. Choose somebody who will show up at the gym as agreed.

Final Words

Finding a fitness buddy isn’t easy, especially when you have specific goals in mind. But when you find the right one, the benefits of fitness friendship become yours to enjoy! Your workouts will be more enjoyable and your results more impressive.

Just be sure that, indeed, you will be a great fitness buddy, too. Keep in mind that a fitness-based friendship will work on trust and respect. Your willingness to give and take in equal measure is also a must for it work out as well as you hope.

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