7 Benefits of Fully Exhausting Muscles During Workouts

For a lot of people, the gym is their safe zone. They live and breathe exercising, and if they fail to go to the gym during the week even just once, they already feel very weak and unproductive. Their plan is always set.


They allow at least 6 days a week for their exercise and would normally target a different body part for each day of the week that they are at the gym. But sometimes, despite our best intentions, and commitment, working out regularly can be a tall order.

But do not worry because there is hope, and that will involve a full body workout. Full body workouts are definitely better than slaving hours at the gym just focusing on one part of your body.

It doesn’t seem very productive, because the distribution of your fat burning does not balance, unlike a full body workout where everything gets hit.

Whether you have the different fitness goal to accomplish, like building your strength, losing a few extra pounds, or becoming a well-rounded athlete with good lifestyle habits, increasing the complexity of your exercises will result in better cardiovascular and muscular challenges that will help the body develop faster.

If you fail to switch up your exercises in a day, you can reach what is called a plateau where your body will no longer be burning fat or gaining muscle because it is too used to the same routine every day.

In this article, we will give you 7 benefits of exhausting your muscles at the gym, and what positive effects it could give your body.

Total Body Workout

As mentioned above, when the body reaches a plateau, the struggle becomes real because it means that your body is no longer burning anything, it is already used to the same routine.

To get rid of this problem, you just simply need to shake up your exercises. Here are 7 benefits of a total body workout that you should strongly look into, to help you give more variation with your exercises:


Burn More Calories in Less Time

For some of us, time efficiency is very important. Since we make so much effort of maximizing our time, why not take the same approach at the gym?

In one session, you can burn a lot of calories more if you start to do whole body workouts as opposed to individual workouts where you will only be targeting a specific body part for each day.

This method will not only consume a lot of your time, but it will also mean that only one part of your body will get sore after your workout.

Burn More Calories in Less Time

If you have all your muscles working at the same time through compound exercises like squats and lunges, this will require more energy to manage your movements.

So if for example, you are trying to lose weight, high intensity, interval, and whole body workouts will be better because this targets your entire body and not just one part at a time, thus making it more effective.

Remember, if you want to go through an intense day at the gym, heavy training loads will provide more oxygen to working muscles than single joint exercises that only work one or two small areas of your body.


Increase Your Strength

If you are a hardcore athlete and you are trying to gain strength, it will be better to perform movements that will allow you to use the most weight.

Exercises like deadlifts, bench press variations and squats will be the best full body movement because this will require your entire body to put in an effort to execute it properly.

Increase Your Strength

By doing these workouts regularly, you will allow your body to get challenged continuously and effectively to build strength.


You Will Have Greater Flexibility

Imagine what you can do if you are able to work out anywhere you want and at any time without throwing off your routine? The possibilities are endless. That is exactly what you will get if you do a regular full body workout.

If you learn how to train your body as one combined unit, you will be able to fuel the same muscles in one workout that might take two or three isolated based workouts.

You Will Have Greater Flexibility

As a result, you will be able to integrate the whole body training around your busy schedule and at the same time be able to travel anywhere you want without missing a beat. Or you can also try other exercises like biking, yoga or swimming, as long as you do not abandon your strength training.


Maximize Your Efficiency While Working out

If you are always worried about the time, and you only have a few minutes to spare to sneak in a workout, it will be better to focus on the major joint exercises that will allow you to work your entire body and at the same time stimulate the same muscles you would normally use in one exercise alone.

Maximize Your Efficiency While Working out

While you are pressed for time, these efficient exercises will become the most logical choice for you to take during training.


Build More Muscle

When it comes to building muscle, it will be better for you to target all your muscles at least two to three times per week so that you can gain more muscle quickly.

Full body training that involves heavy weights accompanied by interval training will work best and delivers faster results.


Better Recovery

Another good benefit of a full body workout is the fact that it will allow you to recover quickly from an intense workout. One of the main reasons why some people do not get to see quick results when they workout is because they do not recover properly from each session.

Some people cannot even handle the back-to-back workouts even though they don't work the same muscle parts.

So for those people, full body workouts are better, because you will get at leas one-day interval for resting, which gives your muscles enough room to breathe and recover.


Include More Activities Like Sports

Since full body workouts will only require you to visit the gym two or three times in a week, this give you more free time to do all the activities you want to do in between those days that you don't have to go to the gym.


Take note that you will also have to be mindful of the recovery period because exercise is still exercising regardless of how intense. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to rest in between.

Final Words

Full body workouts will always be better over anything else that you can do in the gym because obviously, it targets your entire body.

It will definitely be recommended that you try this out for yourself, but always remember to take the appropriate rest to help your muscles recover from an intense workout.

Targeting a specific part of your body will be more time consuming. By dedicating a few hours of your time to working your entire body out while you are at the gym, not only will you get to save time, but you will also get to see changes in your body shape more quickly than normal.

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