10 Simple Ways to Get Relief from Itching

Itching is a very annoying skin disease. This skin problem is more or less familiar to everybody. Sometimes it gets worse, especially during the night. It is known in medical science as pruritus. There are several reasons might associate with itching.


One most common reason is psychological. It may occur for extra stress and anxiety in our daily life. Emotional problems can also be a reason. Dry skin can be considered as most common reasons of itching. Sunburn is also another reason that promotes itching.

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Hormone disorders or various diseases such as liver and kidney disease, cancers, reactions to medicines, cholestasis as well as diseases that occur due to the blood problem are also accountable for itching.​

Allergic reactions are also very common reasons for itching or due to insect stings; mosquito bites and flea bites are directly liable to itching. Home remedies to get relief from itching:

Ways to Get Relief from Itching


Oil Therapy

You can apply oil therapy to overcome this problem. You need to rub on some oils into your affected area such as sesame oil, olive oil or almond or oil.


Then you need to massage smoothly in the affected area, and then you can go for your bath. It would better if you are warm slightly the oil you are going to apply to your skin.

After taking a shower, you need to use moisturizer, and it will make your skin less harsh; besides, it will make your skin dry, which is crucial and it resists the itching to develop. In the winter season, itching usually develops in various places of your skin; such as hands, elbows, and heels.


Essential Oils

You can apply essential oils to your affected areas. You need to choose such kinds of essential oil that have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. They will work quite effectively to reduce itching.

You can mix these essential oils with your bathing water, or you also use them after taking your shower.

Essential Oils

These essential oils include; Thyme oil, Rosemary oil, Peppermint oil, Agrimony oil, Nettle oil, Basil oil, Neem Oil, Geranium Oil, Chickweed Oil, Bay Leaf oil, Lavender oil, Clove oil, Calendula oil, Jewelweed oil and Chamomile oil, etc.


Cold Water

The essence of cold water is huge to overcome itching problem. You need to your shower using cold water, and you will get the good results. If you use warm water, it won’t resist itching.


As a result, using warm water, you will never get relief of itching. To get instant relief from itching, you may also use ice pack during your bath.



You need to use the moisturizer on a regular basis. It would better if you apply moisturizer to your dry skin; for the reason that, it will resist the development of itching. You would better continue to moisturize your skin to overcome your itching problem.

skin cream


Baking Soda

You may apply baking soda to your skin with mixing warm water to get relief from itching. You need to mixture baking soda as well as warm water.


Then mix this mixture in your bathtub and have your bath; because this mixture aids you a good deal on the reduction of itching.


Lemon Juice

You may apply lemon juice; because it keeps your skin dry. Apply lemon juice in your itching places and it will work tremendously; as it has, anti-inflammatory stuff.

To end with, to get rid of itching these above seven tips are very operational; above and beyond, you need to give up scratching as much as possible.

It would better if you take the shower regularly and using cold water, for the reason that, it will work tremendously for you to get rid of this itching problem.


You must take care of your skin and ensure that your skin always remains dry. Itching is contagious skin diseases; therefore, you must not come close to others and use others using staffs.

At all times try to put on such clothes that made of cotton. Don’t consume such food items that occur allergies reactions. Keep neat and clean all the time.


Milk Bath

Mix oatmeal with milk evaporation and use this mixture during bathing. You can also mix oatmeal with warm water and then bathe in a bathtub. This will work effectively to get rid of itching. It will make your skin also more subtle.



Aloe Vera

You can use the flesh of Aloe Vera flesh into your itching parts; as, Aloe Vera cannot only cure your itching, but also it will overcome your burn.



Peppermint Oil

You can have to shower using peppermint oil; since its mint is very effective to destroy your itching. Its menthol mint is such staff that contains anesthetic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It is considered as the most popular and effective itching treatments.



Cider Vinegar

This ingredient is very effective to overcome your itching problem. You need to mix in your bath tub two tablespoons cider vinegar of apple and finish your bath. You will get a good result if you apply this cider vinegar with water to reduce itching.


You need not consult with a doctor with this itching purpose. Try to maintain hygiene always; because, it will help you to get rid of various diseases.

If your skin is dehydrated, itchy or dirty, you need to clean your skin carefully. You may use extra moisturizer, and you need to lessen your soap use; cool water works magically to get rid of itching. You need not consult with a doctor with this itching purpose.

Final Words

Try to maintain hygiene always; because, it will help you to get rid of various diseases. To conclude, you need to keep continuously bathing twice a day to keep your skin hygienic. Try to keep your skin almost dry and moist all the time.

Don’t get close to such person who has been itching as this disease is highly contagious. You should not share your clothes with others, vice- verse you should not use others clothes.

You would better avoid such types of cloth that is made by synthetic or nylon. You must not have that foods item and medicines that cause allergies reactions.

You can overcome this skin problem by following the above tips thoroughly; as, itching is not a serious skin problem, on the other hand, it can cure naturally.

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