8 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks in a Fortnight

The presence of stretch marks on one’s skin not only denies her an opportunity of freely dressing in certain attires but also brings along a sense of discomfort. Battling with stretch marks can prove to be a nightmare for someone who does not involve appropriate measures.


However, with the following tips, you can get rid of these skin striations and once more regain your smooth skin.

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Lemon Juice Application

Lemon juice has been proved to be effective in lessening stretch marks within two weeks of usage. For faster results, rub fresh lemon juice gently on the stretch marks around the affected areas.

After application, allocate ten minutes for the juice to soak and sink into the skin before rinsing off the area with warm water.


Alternatively, you can have the lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice before application for even better results. The acidic nature of lemon juice is the driving force behind its application as mild acids are efficient in battling with stretch marks.


Consistent Castor Oil Usage

Castor oil is considered effective in dealing with many skin problems including stretch marks. Simply apply this oil on the stretch marks as you gently massage the area in circular motions for close to fifteen minutes.

Consistent Castor Oil Usage

After that, wrap the area with a thin piece of cotton before applying mild heat on the area for about an hour. Carrying out this routine at least twice a day guarantees you a smooth stretch mark free skin in less than two weeks.


White Sugar Application

Natural sugar is one of the natural remedies of stretch marks as it promotes skin exfoliation which counteracts stretch mark effects. Simply make a solution of raw sugar and almond oil and rub it on the stretch marks for a minimum of ten minutes daily; just before taking your shower.

White Sugar Application

Doing this early in the morning and before retiring to bed will restore your normal skin in less than a fortnight.


Use of Aloe Vera Gel

The essential nutrient component and active compounds of aloe are very effective in dealing with multiple skin complications including stretch marks.

Make a mixture of aloe Vera gel and cocoa butter oil and rub it on the stretch marks on a daily basis. You can leave this for about fifteen minutes before rinsing off the area with lukewarm water.


This will not only bring a soothing effect to the skin but also enhance the healing process of stretch marks within a week.


Regular Water Intake

Water is an essential weapon for dealing with stretch marks. Taking an average of eight glasses of water on a daily basis helps in keeping your skin hydrated and thereby restoring its elasticity.


Moreover, a well hydrated enhances s regular detoxification of skin pores which helps a great deal in getting rid of stretch marks. Regular water intake is also necessary for a soft skin which discourages stretch marks.


Application of Retin-A Cream

The study has shown that this is one of that most effective anti-stretch mark creams. Daily application of this cream on stretch marks enhances the body’s secretion of collagen which helps the skin to stretch out and avoid tears that are often associated with stretch marks.

Application of Retin-A Cream

However, while using this product, you should limit your skin exposure to the sun as it is likely to bring a ‘burning’ effect.


Using Vitamin E Oil

So far, this is considered the most effective mode of doing away with stretch marks. It is mostly effective in getting rid of stretch marks that often come along as a result of delivery. Just mix the vitamin E oil with a carrier lotion or olive oil before applying it on the stretch marks.


For faster results, it can be used alongside unscented moisturizers as a combination of the two is more effective.


Application of Tea Tree Oil

Based on its skin exfoliation properties, tea tree oil is very effective in completely getting rid of recurring stretch marks. Using a mild abrasive applicator such as a brush, apply the oil on the striation at least twice a day.

This helps in abrading the skin to remove a thin layer carrying away with it debris and scar tissues containing stretch marks.


This, therefore, initiates the development of new healthy tissues that are free of stretch marks. Application of lotion is often necessary after this procedure for maximum lubrication of the skin for even better results.

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