Health Effects of Smoking That You Should Know about

Smoking has, over time, been a banned topic of discussion and those smoking are considered the rebels and non-caring type of individuals. This is because smoking has been on the wrong side of protection of health and thus a lot of ads have been done with regards to stopping or preventing it.


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Smoking, for instance, can be very harmful especially when it comes to oral care since when one smokes, the nicotine can combine with oral bacteria to produce high levels of cytokines.

This leads to increase in periodontal tissue breakdown and thus a smoker has ten times higher chances to develop severe gum disease. Smoking can be such a bad habit to break, and its effects can sometimes last longer than the effects of other drugs like cocaine.


Studies also show that at the age of forty, a smoker would at least have lost one tooth, and the staining of teeth is also another possible physical effect of smoking.

It’s funny how the smokers know the effects of smoking, yet they still indulge in the same. This is the reason why ultimately they result in death cases as the nicotine found in smoke is a highly addictive component and mostly requires a lot of willpower to let go of.

A lot of damage is often done to the health of those who indulge in smoking activities and the risks often increase if one has diabetes, blood pressure or other diseases.

It is also responsible for lung cancer, in particular for those who are heavy smokers, though other types of cancer may also develop for instance kidney, liver, bladder, skin and cervix cancer.


For smokers who already have heart or blood vessel diseases, often there are higher chances to get more deadly diseases since nicotine present in cigarette tightens the arteries in the arms and legs and also causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

Carbon monoxide is also present in the smoke which makes it difficult to supply oxygen to the blood and lungs, thus may cause stroke and fatal cases of heart attack.

Early smoking also leads to chronic bronchitis which is a long-term disease. The lungs also may change color from the usual pink to charcoal like; this is why asthmatic patients are often advised never to indulge in smoking as it may lead to severe cases or death.

Cigarette smoking also has the tendency to increase the acid made by the stomach and can thus cause peptic ulcer.


Other side effects are the inability to indulge in sports activities due to breathing problems, wrinkling at an earlier age, problems during erection, sore throat and staining of teeth.

Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day can reduce someone’s life span by around seven years. For teens, smoking affects their levels of performance and physical fitness. It harms nearly every organ of the body and is thus a very dangerous thing to the health of people.

Many people would love to quit smoking but often find it tough due to the addictive feature of nicotine in the cigarette; thus they end up damaging their systems and eventually results in death.

It is necessary to teach our children the right ways of doing things and make them understand that they must be aware of the consequences of their actions and therefore not get involved in things they would never proudly admit to.​

smoking infront children

​Install into teenagers the importance of principles to make them understand that doing things under peer pressure is never an assurance that they are right rather it shows how vulnerable they can sometimes get.

Some teens may indulge in smoking as a way of showing rebellion to parents, others so as to show others that they can as well fit into certain groups and in the process slip out to get addicted to smoking.​

​This is where the addiction process begins, making it impossible to draw out of the same especially if this habit is left to grow for a while.

Parents can often help in such situations by setting a good example to their children and involving them in one-on-one talk to make them understand why they need to take care of their lives and quit involving in drug abuse and the smoking activities.​

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